India To Start Talks With IEA For Full Membership

India To Start Talks With IEA For Full Membership

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has declared that it will hold talks with India for full membership, recognising the strategic significance of India in tackling global energy and climate issues. Ministers from 31 member nations supported India’s request at the IEA’s 2024 ministerial conference in Paris, acknowledging its possible influence on global energy policy.

India, an IEA association country since 2017, formally applied for full membership in October. If accepted, India’s membership would significantly influence global energy dynamics, given its status as the world’s most populous country and its projected substantial energy demand growth over the next three decades.

PM Modi emphasised the benefits of India’s inclusion, citing its talent, technology, and innovation capabilities. He highlighted India’s potential to enhance IEA’s credibility and effectiveness through inclusivity.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed support for IEA’s efforts to integrate emerging economies like India, referencing recent collaborations with Kenya and Senegal. India’s critical role in determining the global energy landscape was emphasised by IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol, who also emphasised the importance of India’s involvement in international energy negotiations. Additionally, the IEA’s decision to begin formal membership negotiations with India reflects its recognition of the critical role that India must play in addressing global issues such as energy security, inclusive transitions, and climate change.