Indonesia Promotes Remote Work as Jakarta Hosts Asean Summit

Indonesia Promotes Remote Work as Jakarta Hosts Asean Summit

As Jakarta hosts the 43rd Asean Summit and other related summits from September 4 to 7, students in more than 700 schools in south and central parts of the Indonesian capital and most civil servants will study and work remotely for a few days.

The move aims to reduce traffic congestion during the summit. General traffic on several roads in the vicinity of the Jakarta Convention Centre, the summit venue, will be diverted or blocked to allow for the smooth movement of Asean leaders and delegates.

During the summit, 75% of the city’s civil servants will work from home. Presently, half of city’s civil servants work from home, according to a policy implemented in August to help combat deteriorating pollution in the city. The government has made exemptions for people employed in certain public services, such as hospitals. It has also appealed to the private sector to implement work-from-home wherever possible.

All preparations for the summit will be completed by September 3. In addition to the meetings at the convention centre, a gala dinner is planned for Asean leaders at Gelora Bung Karno City Forest, an urban green space near the city centre. Meetings will also be held at The St Regis Jakarta hotel and Asean Secretariat office.

Asean leaders will also be meeting their counterparts from partner countries, such as the United States, China, Japan, India and South Korea.