Iran Simultaneously Launches Three Satellites Into Orbit

Iran Simultaneously Launches Three Satellites Into Orbit

On Sunday, Iran launched three domestically developed satellites into orbit using the Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carrier, nearly a week after the launch of a research satellite by the Revolutionary Guards drew Western criticism. It also stated that the satellites were launched into a minimum orbit of 450 kilometers (280 miles). Iran’s Space Agency constructed the 32-kilogram Mahda satellite, which is intended to test sophisticated satellite components.

Kayhan 2 and Hatef weigh less than 10 kg each and will test narrowband communication and space-based locating technologies. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran launched the research satellite Soraya into space last week.

The launch was criticised by Britain, France, and Germany. These nations call Iran’s move “interventionist.”. The United States and other Western nations have cautioned Iran against these launches. These nations claim the possibility of using the same technology for ballistic missiles, which might carry a nuclear weapon. It further condemns the launch of its first military satellite, Nour-1, into orbit in April 2020.

However, Iran has responded that it has no intention of obtaining nuclear weapons and is launching satellites and rockets for military or commercial use.