K. Shyamprasad

K. Shyamprasad

A first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. K Shyamprasad is a dedicated patron of the power of natural chemistry. He has spent the major part of his life in developing and promoting herbal products, which have the power to improve the quality of life of the users by aiding good health. His business, Vidya Herbs, consistently strives to deliver research-based natural products to healthcare and food industries.

To complete its mission of providing premium quality ingredients and maintain high levels of commitment and service to its customers the firm is able to manufacture and supply a wide range of products to different markets and industries with the use of advanced supercritical CO2 and conventional extraction processing. The company’s focus is on creating a hundred percent efficacious natural and standardized herbal extracts, which are scientifically-proven in terms of their quality and capabilities.

The firm boasts of large production capabilities, 3 highly functional extraction facilities, and several custom manufacturing offices around the globe and is known for its varied services, which are also quick and reliable. It also has a full-fledged research and development center with facilities like in-vitro labs and saline labs. The firm appoints some of the smartest minds to work at its offices and labs for maximum accuracy in the production process.


Mr. K Shyamprasad completed his postgraduation in Natural Product Chemistry before starting to work as a chemist in a pharmaceutical company in 1990. The job gave him an even wide exposure to the workings of the industry and also developed in him a paramount zest to start a business of his own. He took the risky step of quitting his job and investing his time and energy into building from scratch a firm that relies on research-extensive extraction of natural chemicals and the promotion of products for varied industries, five years later in 1995. Since then, there has been no looking back for this dynamic leader.

This passion of Mr. K Shyamprasad to apply his knowledge of natural product chemistry marked the beginning of his journey to establish a trading firm for the buying and selling of botanical extracts. However, after meticulous work of six years, he eventually ventured into manufacturing by setting up Vidya Herbs, as the business seemed more beneficial for the masses he wanted to impact positively.

The business had its humble beginnings on a thousand square feet piece of land with a small team. Mr. K Shyamprasad’s unwavering dedication eventually led the business to grow at a meteoric rate and in less than two decades, Vidya Herbs has a massive presence not just in India, but globally.

The company works hard to create pathbreaking products, which can impact the life of a user in a great way and takes full responsibility towards taking positive and concrete steps to enhance its efficiency and capacity based on customer feedback. This consumer-centric approach has made Vidya Herbs a prominent and celebrated name in the competitive market.


Mr. K Shyamprasad has great leadership skills and has proven his mettle in excellent board governance and new business development time and again. He is entrepreneurial with strong commercial acumen and excellent management skills. Apart from the functional research and development of natural chemical products, he has a comprehensive understanding of financial management principles as well, which allows him to get involved in every aspect of the business.

His colleagues know him as a positive person owning a result-oriented outlook towards the functioning of the company. His focus remains on maintaining the highest quality standards through all levels of business and drive profits based on honest and ethical market practices. He monitors every function of his business closely to ensure that no loose ends remain hanging in achieving the goals he has set, including achieving 1000 crore turnover within the next two years and creating 2000 jobs. He is also very serious about maintaining excellence in quality to cater to international and domestic markets, to source and encourage organic farmers, and to be a socially responsible company. Therefore, he led the firm to venture into the area of contract farming engaging over 3000 farmers in the state of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu in the cultivation of medicinal plants spread over an area of more than 10000 acres.

Mr. K Shyamprasad has also invented a number of methods and products in the segment including a method of treating pain with chlorogenic acid, using herbal composition derived from Mangifera indica and using the derivative for management of obesity, operation control of fuel cells, and using compositions derived from an extract of Amorphophallus konjac for using in the treatment of skin conditions, amongst many.


For Mr. K Shyamprasad, the employees at his firm are the most valuable assets for his business. Therefore, he always tries to actively support and reward their efforts to pursue their passions in the workplace, at home, and in the community. He makes sure that he listens to each idea from every employee and incorporates it in the day-today workings of Vidya Herbs, so they stay confident and motivated. He also takes care of their personal as well as professional well-being and always remains enthusiastic about their involvement in the sustained success of the organization and keeps a crucial watch on the quality of work-life balance his employees deserve.

This matchless leadership acumen of Mr. K. Shyamprasad also got him the laurel of becoming the ‘World Leader Businessperson’, awarded by Inspirational company in the year 2017 for being a successful leader who works in an innovative, knowledgeable, and systematic manner.