Kirthi Reddy

Kirthi Reddy

A Passionate Edupreneur Par Excellence

With a strong belief that a child’s growth is measured in smiles and achievement is quantified by contentment, the Founder & Director of The Gaudium School, Ms. Kirthi Reddy is bent on nurturing children’s innate happiness through education that creates value and equips them with the wisdom to apply what they have learned joyfully.

“Ms. Kirthi is bent on nurturing children’s innate happiness through education that creates value & equips them with the wisdom to apply what they have learned joyfully”

Early Leanings

An alumna of Rutgers University, NJ, USA, Ms. Kirthi Reddy is a scion of the Promoter Group of Aurobindo Pharma, Hyderabad and has successfully contributed to its various verticals for 5 years. However, she had been deeply inclined to the sphere of education from the very beginning and the exposure and experience she gained during her study at Rutgers was a driving force which consistently motivated her to venture into the field of education. She was impacted by the environment, structure, processes and the overall learning process at Rutgers. Of particular interest to her was the convergence of many disciplines, across different walks of life in a seamless manner that encouraged and motivated students to not just assess their strengths and capabilities but also their passion. As a student at Rutgers, she experienced the coming together of academics, arts, sports and the corporate world – which enabled students to experiment, learn out of self-interest and tread on the path to self discovery.

A Visionary Thinker

The turning point in her life was the birth of her son which propelled her to give back to her country through the sphere of education by helping in creating a platform for future generations to experience what she herself did. She realised quickly that the current education ecosystem in India seemed to favour rote learning and was primarily testing the memory of the students rather than their actual learning and its application. Thus, the joy and satisfaction of learning were obviously missing in such a scenario. She felt that such kind of an education system is encouraging a mad race to get the highest marks or the biggest recognition, thereby ignoring meaningful learning. Thus, her passion to bring about a revolutionary change in the field of education led to the birth of The Gaudium School – where children are nurtured in an environment that fosters the spirit of curiosity and learning is accompanied with happiness. According to her, learning is not just about the subjects but involves holistic development of the students through sports, arts and theatre, thus she successfully incorporated all these elements into The Gaudium’s curriculum.

She established the school on a 27-acre campus on the outskirts of Hyderabad to enable the students to explore nature, be one with it and learn in an environment conducive to learning. This mega campus houses all things a child would wish to pursue – academics, arts, sports and theatre. Such an exposure enables children to be aware of their abilities and their likes and acts as their guiding path in their quest for learning.

Towards a Glistening Future

Ms. Kirthi believes that an invigorating learning environment at The Gaudium School is complemented by the learned and able faculty who ensure that students are provided with the right inputs at every level – academic, non-academic, emotional and physical. To further her goal of all-round development of the students, she intends to set up a training centre for teachers/staff to enable them to contribute to her vision of creating a better learning world for the children. She feels that as more and more children embrace this concept of learning, there would be a need for more and more guides for this journey.

Consistently working on her mission to sculpt happy minds, she feels extremely happy and content about the fact that a child stepping out of her institution will not merely excel in his or her chosen career but will also succeed as a well-balanced and culturally enriched human being with a positive approach to life.