Kuwait Forms First Government Under New Emir And Prime Minister

Kuwait Forms First Government Under New Emir And Prime Minister

On Wednesday, Kuwait formed its first cabinet under the new Emir and prime minister. It is Kuwait’s first cabinet under the new emir, Sheikh Meshal al-Ahmed al-Sabah, formed to implement reforms under his guidance. Emir Meshal came to power in December after his predecessor, Sheikh Nawaf, died. He appointed Sheikh Mohammed Sabah Al Salem as Kuwait’s new prime minister.

Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Sabah al-Salem al-Sabah appointed new ministers for the ministries of oil, foreign affairs, and finance. In the 13-member cabinet, Emad Mohammed al-Atiqi was appointed as the new oil minister, Anwar Ali al-Mudhaf as the finance minister, Abdullah Ali al-Yahya as the foreign minister, and Fahad Yousef Al Sabah as the acting deputy prime minister, minister of defence, and minister of interior.

Kuwait’s legislature has more influence globally as compared to other Gulf monarchies. However, for many years, political obstacles resulted in the dissolution of parliament and cabinet changes. It will also have to deal with the tensions between the ruling family and critics.

Meanwhile, it is anticipated that Emir Meshal will uphold Kuwait’s foreign policy, which includes encouraging the Western alliance, the Gulf Arab Unity, and a positive relationship with Riyadh as his priorities.