Lahm Praises The French Squad Ahead of Euro 2024

Lahm Praises The French Squad Ahead of Euro 2024

German football legend Philipp Lahm has picked France as the favourite to win the 2024 UEFA European Championship, citing their “well-equipped and talented squad.”  As the director of tournaments for Euro 2024, Lahm voiced his excitement about Germany hosting its first big competition since the World Cup in 2006.

The former Bayern Munich defender, head coach Julian Nagelsmann, and director of football Ruud Voller were all complimented by the French team in an interview with Xinhua. Lahm said, “They have a remarkably talented squad that is well-equipped.” He hailed Nagelsmann as a “young, talented coach” whose tactical approach has rejuvenated the faltering national team and called Voller a beloved character among the supporters.

Lahm underlined the need for team unity in international competitions after leading Germany to victory in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He said that getting the team’s strength on the pitch throughout the competition is the most difficult task. Additionally, he brought up the World Cup in Qatar as an illustration of surprising performances, showcasing Argentina’s tenacity and Morocco’s triumph.

The forty-year-old stated, “The Euro presents a fantastic chance to unite people, particularly during these trying times. To build a bright future for everybody, we need positivity.” Furthermore, he emphasised the Euros’ capacity for unity.