Maged Marie

Maged Marie


Maged completed his graduate studies at Cairo University’s esteemed Faculty of Commerce. In 2020, he earned an MBA in Strategic Management from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, where he is currently pursuing a DBA in strategic business administration.

He founded Magnom Properties in 2020. As its CEO, Maged has harnessed the potential of cutting-edge technology to spearhead highly ambitious projects in the Middle East. Among his current endeavours is championing the construction of the illustrious Forbes International Tower in the New Administrative Capital, a project that epitomises his unwavering commitment to realising monumental feats. He envisions a world firmly grounded in a sustainable and eco-friendly ethos.

Mr. Maged convinced Forbes to build their first tower, The Forbes International Tower, in the Middle East, with locations in Saudi Arabia and Dubai to follow. Designed by Mr. Adrian Smith and Mr. Gordon Gill, it is among the most prestigious business addresses in the region and will set new standards for environmentally responsive architecture. The tower will feature modern intelligent building technologies to provide a flexible work environment, as well as entertainment and leisure facilities. Moreover, it will be the first commercial building equipped with Leonardo Cyber & Security systems, ensuring the highest level of protection for critical infrastructure.


The artistically rich upbringing that Maged received under the guidance of his mother has infused his very being with an inherent appreciation for the intricacies of art. To him, art is the elixir that imbues life into architecture. He eschews the conventional and seeks to infuse every project with a sense of artistic flair that elevates it beyond the mundane. This inclination is exemplified by his collaboration with the distinguished French artist and sculptor, Richard Orlinski, a visionary alliance that testifies to his firm commitment to artistic excellence.


Maged attributes his accomplishments to the concerted efforts of his team of adept professionals. He harbours a steadfast conviction that their collective proficiency will culminate in establishing his company’s pre-eminence within the regional industry. He instils in them a sense of self-assurance and impels them towards ambitious yet attainable goals, with the aim of securing sustainable growth for the company.


Under Maged’s visionary leadership, Magnom Properties has demonstrated an unfaltering commitment to empowering young girls and addressing the persistent gender disparities that exist within the labour force of the nation. He has facilitated collaboration with UNICEF to elevate the lives of youth and foster a meaningful impact on the next generation of society. His corporate social responsibility strategy is rooted in the goal of advancing local communities and aligned with the Sustainable Development Strategy on a global level, as well as Middle East and Africa’s Vision 2030, which underscores the critical importance of creating a sustainable future for all.

In 2020, Maged was bestowed with the distinction of being a representative of Lurssen, the German manufacturer known for its opulent yachts and naval vessels. The purpose of this partnership was to promote local manufacturing and growth of marine industries in Egypt. Magnom also obtained the agency rights for the Belgian enterprise, Jan De Nul, which has the largest fleet of dredgers worldwide.