Mandhira Kapur

Mandhira Kapur

With extensive experience in formulating marketing and branding strategies for numerous national and global brands, Mandhira has been efficiently spearheading SMPL as Chairman & Managing Director since 2020. The company, located in Gurugram (Haryana), is one of the leading automobile spare parts manufacturers in India. Her adept leadership has spurred 100% growth for SMPL, which is indeed a remarkable achievement. She is currently driving the organization’s transformational initiatives to make the brand shine bright in the aftermarket segment by creating unparalleled value for the consumers.

Mandhira is known for her dynamic skills and charismatic persona. Despite the fact that the Indian automotive market suffered a severe blow due to the onset of the pandemic in 2020, she never lost hope and stayed strong. When even the most powerful leaders in the country struggled to deal with the ongoing pandemic, she was able to guide SMPL to expand beyond its current geographic scope and cater to a broader audience during lockdown 2.0.


As a leader, Mandhira exemplifies incredible team spirit. Growth in SMPL was stagnant when she took reins of the company. To combat this situation, the determined leader rallied her enthusiastic team and got SMPL back on track, eventually achieving the highest sales figure in the company. Additionally, during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, her primary concern was her team’s well being. In addition to implementing standard operating procedures to secure employee safety, she ensured that employees attending duty adhered to all safety protocols, social distancing norms, and hygiene requirements. Additionally, vaccination campaigns were also implemented under her direction by collaborating with local health authorities.

Mandhira believes that people, processes, and values are the foundation of a firm’s success. She believes that, in order for any organization to succeed, all employees must feel empowered and motivated to assume ownership of the tasks assigned to them. SMPL has open door policy where every employee is free to provide their inputs. The company treats them equally and considers them as a family, “Sona Parivaar.” She regularly engages with her employees and guides them. They also put their trust in her leadership and direction. Such a positive culture fosters organizational success, making employees feel valued.


Mandhira credits much of her fast-rising success to her father, the Late Dr. Surinder Kapur, who instilled in her the spirit of integrity, commitment, and hard work in life. He propounded that success is not a coincidence, but the result of striving and hard work. He believed that success only favors those who are true to their dreams. As a daughter, Mandhira seeks to uphold her father’s glorious legacy by following his priceless ideologies.


Mandhira is driven by compassion and empathy towards society. As an avid child rights advocate, she has pledged to support the education of children in every corner of India. The leader acknowledges that a growing consciousness toward zero-waste sustainable living has been sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. She believes that India is well-positioned to invest in zero-emission modes of commute and lead the way in green mobility sector. Under her exemplary leadership, SMPL will soon embark on an electric vehicle venture, thereby promoting the Make in India concept in the automotive aftermarket sector.