Manwar Hossain

Manwar Hossain

As the eldest son of Mr. Alhaj Anwar Hossain, the Chairman of Anwar Group of Industries, Mr. Manwar Hossain has been efficiently carrying forward the legacy of trust and excellence established by his father. A sincere and dedicated student, he completed his schooling from the St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling, India in ICSE and ISC boards with flying colours. Owing to his excellent record in academics, he was also felicitated with a silver medal by the Duke of Edinburgh. After graduating from the University of Hampshire, USA, in 1992; he returned to his motherland and joined the family business in 1994.

Following his father’s footsteps, Mr. Manwar Hossain is efficiently spearheading the Group, which has spread its branches far and wide in the form of different business units namely Anwar Ispat Ltd., Anwar Cement Ltd., Anwar Cement Sheet Ltd., A-One Polymer Ltd., Anwar Galvanizing Ltd., Anwar Landmark Ltd., Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd., Anwar Silk Mills Ltd., Mehmud Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Hossain Dyeing and Printing Mills Ltd., Athena’s Furniture & Home Décor and AG Auto Ltd. He is leading BD Finance & Investment Company Limited in the capacity of Chairman and is Director at Modhumoti Bank Ltd., BD Finance Securities Ltd., BD Finance Capital Holdings Ltd. and City General Insurance Company Ltd.


The Group’s rich entrepreneurial history can be traced back to the 19th century. In the year 1834, Mr. Lakku Miah, Mr. Anwar Hossain’s grandfather, was involved in the manufacturing of ivory combs and buttons and used to sell them in Kolkata. His son, Mr. Rahim Baksh, soon took over the business after his demise and played a significant role in diversification of business by trading in cloth and fabrics. The products were then sold to wholesalers located on and around the Harrison Road in Kolkata.

More than 100 years of experience, sustainability, honesty, integrity and continuous innovations are the key drivers which have enabled the Group to acquire a mammoth stature. The magnificent heritage of Anwar Group of industries had modest beginnings in 1834, stretching back to almost nine decades when they set up an ivory button and comb manufacturing plant in Dhaka. Anwar Group took its first step towards creating its core of excellence and sophistication in the early sixties by setting up and operating a silk textile unit.

Since then, the Group has come a long way towards diversifying its operations into seven major industrial and business sectors, as it quickly grew to become an important contributor to Bangladesh’s economy. The Group’s two of the most popular products among others are Mala Sarees and Manwar Cutleries, which have enabled it to achieve immense success and have garnered both domestic and international recognition for the brand.


Under Mr. Manwar Hossain’s leadership, Anwar Group has successfully positioned itself as a market leader by implementing new ideas, creating new and exciting products and investing in improving the existing services. Innovation has been a catalyst for its growth and success and its culture of innovation has enabled its employees to generate new ideas and new ways of working to match the rapidly changing market scenario and the increasing demands of the customers.

Owing to his foresight and zeal for innovation, Mr. Manwar Hossain has enabled Anwar Group to emerge as the first electrical cable, textile and fabrics, PTFE tape and UPVC fittings manufacturer in the country. Under his guidance, the group has diversified into building materials like steel rebars, cement, cement roofing sheets and GI fittings, automobile brake drums and wide range of water pumps. Furthermore, it is promoter of a Private Sector Commercial Bank, Investment Company, and Insurance Company.

According to Mr. Manwar Hossain, “By the Grace of the Almighty Allah, the Group began to assume its shape of brilliance and consistent innovation through sincere dedication towards delivering world-class products and services, becoming one of the few leaders in the country and is now well poised to make its mark on the global arena.”


Mr. Manwar Hossain vehemently believes that employees play a very significant role in the growth of an organization. He rightly asserts, “The Secret of my success in the business – is my people. They are the most important asset for me. Their role behind of my success is very important. I always respect them from the core part of my heart”. Though he is extremely satisfied and happy about the pivotal contribution of the Group in the national economy and gives its due credit to the employees, Mr. Manwar Hossain believes that “it is of utmost importance that the Group conducts its practices in adherence to the most ethical standards and paramount honesty. Moreover, it is equally important that Group bears in mind the value of each citizen of the country and shows a nation-wide commitment by providing the best of quality products and services to valued customers.”


In his bid to contribute towards the development and prosperity of Bangladesh, Mr. Manwar Hossain actively involves himself with different trade bodies and financial institutions. He is currently the President of Bangladesh Auto Re-Rolling & Steel Mills Association (BARSMA), the Vice President of Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association (BCMA) and the holds the position of a Governor at International Chrysotile Association.

Richly contributing to numerous financial institutions with his expertise, he is currently associated with BD Finance & Investment Company Ltd. as Chairman and is the Director of Modhumoti Bank Ltd., BD Finance Securities Ltd., BD Finance Capital Holdings Ltd. and City General Insurance Company Ltd. He has also been the Vice Chairman and Director of the City Bank Ltd., the Chairman and Director of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. and the Director of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) in the past.


The success of Anwar Group is the sum of the collective endeavours of its dedicated employees and the noble vision of its management. Taking pride in the century old legacy of Anwar Group and valuing its sincere employees, who have enabled it to emerge as one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh with numerous industrial units and several trading and service sector outfits,

Mr. Manwar Hossain envisions that “their products and services would have touched every Bangladeshi’s life by 2020, in one way or another.” He further adds, “By 2020, the Group would also like to enroll at least 20,000 people with employment.”


Under Mr. Manwar Hossain’s leadership, Anwar Group is consistently working in continuity with its pursuit of excellence by following ethical practices and delivering premium quality products and services and is retaining the trust and faith of its loyal customers.

Besides being an exceptional entrepreneur, Mr. Manwar Hossain is environmentally conscious, a strong advocate of sustainable development and ensures that the Group adopts an eco-friendly approach to development. As a result, in most of the cases, the Group follows the green practices externally and internally. Under his guidance, the group is also involved in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities in the sector of education, provides free health services, conducts tree plantations and is a regular contributor to various social organizations.