Mehdi Cherif

Mehdi Cherif

Mr. Mehdi has got amazing opportunities to work with some of the top brands in the creator and entertainment space. His first foray into the music industry was as a Senior Regional International Music Buyer for Virgin Megastore (MENA). Then, he tested his entrepreneurial skills with the launch of GrooveMaster (ME) in 2012, a music content management system, working alongside Under Armour, Air Jordan, Nike, and more. He has also been the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Tangou Digital, US (2017), Strategic Advisor and Partner at TBE Entertainment, UAE (2018), and Co-Founder of Studio Drops (2021). Mr. Mehdi has also been a consultant for key brands, including Samsung, beIN Media Group, and GT Bank. Thirty years of rich work experience in the creator and entertainment space has given him a solid foundation and vast knowledge of helping brands grow through integrated music services.

He put all this knowledge into starting Pulse World, where he is the Founder and CEO (2019). Thanks to his work at Pulse, Mr. Mehdi is a vital part of the Metaverse and Blockchain Revolution in the Middle East. He has a successful record across music technologies, sound branding, content management, intellectual properties, and emerging and financial technology markets.


Mr. Mehdi’s most important pillar of inspiration is his family that has been his biggest supporter and harshest critic. He believes in empowering the team to increase work efficiency by challenging them and letting them learn from their mistakes. A true team player, he loves helping others succeed, implements an open-door communication policy, and ensures positive behaviours and values within the business, and a constructive culture of inclusivity.


Through Pulse World, Mr. Mehdi has successfully tried to overcome most challenges by implementing self-sovereign identity for all actors within their platform, a four-layer SSI stack, with a governance layer to meet user data requirements, smart contracts to help simplify the IP/content licensing, and a new micropayment system (digital wallet) for creators (greater flexibility and faster payments). He strongly advocates using Blockchain and Metaverse to disrupt how brands can use music to engage with their followers more meaningfully by integrating the brands into the listeners’ music discovery experience. For this, he invested three years in researching, reviewing, and fine tuning Pulse World’s concept before eventually launching it. Today, it is the world’s first social-music entertainment application where artists can engage, thrive, and earn like never before. It also enables the users to immerse themselves in the Metaverse with complete access to an NFT marketplace and take advantage of its Subscription Model.


Mr. Mehdi plans to connect to more users locally while aiming to be a global brand. He has a keen eye on emerging markets/communities where the penetration rate for digital service providers is ‘low’ due to limited connectivity and non-affordability of subscriptions. He also plans to double Pulse’s revenue and triple its profits in the next five years by launching high-quality products, establish Pulse World as the top player in the industry, and maximise the UAE’s position as a new central hub for blockchain, decentralised technologies, and all Web3 businesses.