Millions Across North America Witness Total Solar Eclipse
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Millions Across North America Witness Total Solar Eclipse

On Monday, the American region witnessed a total solar eclipse, which started in western Mexico and proceeded through the United States and into Canada.

The event lasted more than four minutes in some places and attracted observers such as Lourdes Corro and expert eclipse hunter Michael Zeiler, who went to Mazatlan to witness the phenomenon. Enthusiasts came together along the eclipse’s path, including in upstate New York and tiny towns like Advance, Missouri, despite the potential for cloud cover in some viewing locations.

For safe viewing, specialists strongly recommend wearing protective eyewear and also caution against direct sun exposure to avoid eye damage. Eclipse veterans like Anthony Aveni defined the excitement before completion as being both frightening and awe-inspiring due to phenomena like “shadow bands” and the “diamond ring effect.”.

The expectation for this extended eclipse was high despite possible cloud cover, while regional predictions varied. It took over 80 minutes for the eclipse to move from the moon progressively enclosing the sun to totality and back again. Aveni considered how eclipses evoke a common sense of surprise throughout the world, observing how fear transforms into wonder.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Meteorological Department has stated that neither Pakistan nor India will be able to see the celestial event.