Moazzam Hossain

Moazzam Hossain

A League of His Own

Mr. Moazzam Hossain, Chairman of the Hosaf Group in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a seasoned industrialist with extensive experience in leading business operations. With decades of expertise, he has propelled the group to prominence and established it as the country’s leading private sector entity. Mr. Hossain’s significant contributions to Bangladesh’s commerce and industry, coupled with his focus on future-readiness, make him an influential figure in the country’s economic landscape. His commitment to excellence drives the ongoing saga of growth, besides fortifying the Hosaf Group’s stellar reputation in the industry


Right from his childhood, Mr. Hossain has consistently displayed a progressive mindset and adhered to the principles of honesty, integrity, courage, and tolerance. Guided by his vision, steadfast faith, and resilience, he has transformed into a self-made individual. Mr. Hossain’s entrepreneurial journey reflects a strategic blend of international exposure and innovative business expansion. A graduate under the University of Dhaka, he pursued advanced studies in Chemistry at Nagoya University, Japan, and while studying in the land of the rising sun, the leader acquired strong business acumen through interactions with Japan’s wealthiest industrialists. Inspired by them, he established an English school in Japan and then diversified into various ventures.


Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Mr. Hossain’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to travel extensively and explore new economic opportunities. After completing his higher studies in Japan, he returned to the newly independent Bangladesh. He introduced the idea of importing reconditioned cars from Japan as part of a wage-earning scheme to help the war-torn country. Furthermore, for the purpose of developing the country’s communication sector, he imported microbuses, irrigation pumps, and small boat engines.

In 1975, Mr. Hossain ventured into an unexplored domain by initiating Bangladesh’s first joint venture with South Korea in deep-sea fishing. Additionally, he facilitated barter trade by importing truck-mounted standby generators, leather, tea, and steel-body trucks from East European countries. His strategic initiatives not only diversified the market but also positioned him as a key figure in Bangladesh’s economic evolution. Furthermore in the 80s, he ventured to modernise his country by introducing gas and water metres.


Over the years, the forward-thinking leader has transformed Hosaf Group into Bangladesh’s premier private sector powerhouse through his relentless dedication. Under his sterling leadership, the group has earned a stellar reputation and achieved unparalleled success in the business arena. Moreover, as the driving force behind its exponential growth, he has built a workforce of over 800 to ensure the conglomerate’s success.

With primary focus on the electrical sector, Mr. Hossain addressed the nation’s power crisis by negotiating with the Chinese Government for long-term soft loan and expertise to help the Bangladesh Government to establish a 2×210 MW capacity thermal power-generation plant in Raozan, Chittagong in 1990.

He was also instrumental in facilitating the Bangladesh Government for the collaboration with China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation (CMC) to develop the Barapukuria Coal Mine. The coal mining venture with CMC is another monumental involvement with the Bangladesh Government that demonstrates the leader’s dedication to sustainable energy. He assisted the Bangladesh Government to develop a 125 MW coal-fired Power Plant at the coal mine head and also keep a provision for another 125 MW power plant.

He further continued with the establishment of four quick-rental power plants in 2008 through international tender which generated 170 MW to mitigate acute power shortages in Bangladesh. This strategic move played a crucial role in alleviating Bangladesh’s crippling electrical sector problem, besides solidifying Mr. Hossain’s legacy as a transformative leader. In 2019, he was awarded, through international tender, a 113 MW HFO-based IPP Power Plant for 15 years to strategically address electricity demands in the southeast region.

Other than the electricity and energy sectors, he diversified investments into the finance, and real estate domains, thus, positioning the Hosaf Group as one of Bangladesh’s top commercial organisations. He also led his company to embrace green technology by manufacturing LED lights.


Mr. Hossain is known for his relentless pursuit of innovation and strategic alliances on a global scale. With a keen eye for emerging opportunities, he helped his company to enter into groundbreaking ventures. From introducing used-automobiles to the country, to venturing into the garments industry in the 1980s, he has demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial versatility and adaptability. He also played a substantial role in establishing the National Bank Limited (NBL) to revolutionise Bangladesh’s banking sector.

The leader further diversified his portfolio by venturing into the insurance sector. To that end, he along with his few friends established Pragati Insurance Limited, which is now a frontrunner in the non-life private insurance domain. Mr. Hossain adopts a market-driven approach by placing a strong emphasis on quality and competitive pricing to synchronise his business with the ever-evolving market demands.


Mr. Hossain is a multi-faceted personality. He dons many hats and excels in all of them. Currently, he holds the position of Chairman for both the Hosaf Group and its subsidiaries. He is also the Managing Director of Energy Prima Limited, Citi Link Apartment Limited, Hosaf International Limited, and HF Power Limited. He is one of the Founder Directors of National Bank Limited. He was accoladed with the post of President of Bangladesh Independent Power Producers’ Association. He also served as the Chairman of Pragati Life Insurance Limited, a leading private non-life insurance company in Bangladesh. He is Founder and Chairman of National Bank Public School and College, a renowned academic institution that offers education from pre-primary to higher secondary level in Bangla version under the Dhaka Education Board. What’s more, he was also elected as the Vice President of the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) from 1981 to 1985.


Mr. Hossain is dedicated to uplifting Bangladesh through various philanthropic initiatives. To that end, he actively recruits academically strong youth from less affluent villages in Bangladesh to help them become successful professionals. His company has played a pivotal role in education by establishing Bokter Munshi Moazzam Hossain High School in Sonagazi, Feni. The school has a competent headmaster, well-trained teachers, and over 900 students. Additionally, the leader has also established Bhor Bazar Belayet Hossain High School in the same area.

Mr. Hossain consistently provides essential financial and logistical support to these schools, besides offering annual scholarships to deserving students. Furthermore, he has been honored as the Vice-President of Bangladesh Athletics Federation in recognition to his sponsoring diverse sporting events across different districts of Bangladesh to encourage budding sportsmen of his country. The eco-conscious leader also champions a pollution-free environment and emphasises wildlife preservation.