Mohan Reddy

Mohan Reddy


In the early 1980s, Mr. Mohan Reddy’s father relocated with his family to Bangalore from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh and started Nagarjuna as a small but authentic Andhra restaurant on Residency Road, a first in the city at that time. Nellore is known for its mouth-watering coastal cuisine, and offers a whole new taste palette to Bangaloreans.

Mr. Mohan Reddy, with his finger on the pulse of the people, learnt the ropes of the business, watered the initial seed diligently, and grew it into six successful outlets with his hard work and dedication, winning the love and loyalty of the locals. Even today with so much competition, there is no one to beat the authentic tastes of Nagarjuna, which offers sumptuous and satisfying freshly cooked homestyle fare with purest ingredients. It has been soaring in popularity, thanks to its true traditional Andhra fare, and consistency of quality and flavours.


Closely-held family recipes, consistency of taste, freshness of flavours, stringent quality standards, and pure love of the business are the secret ingredients that have gone into making Nagarjuna such a successful Andhra brand. Food lovers make a beeline for Nagarjuna hot meals and don’t mind waiting to be seated, as they are assured of the best and only the best and most satisfying authentic Andhra fare at Nagarjuna. There are customers that have been coming to Nagarjuna since 1984 and even when visiting from overseas, they will not miss their favourite Andhra joint!


The Nagarjuna menu is authentic and has kept alive the traditional Andhra cuisine, sticking to their original recipes from the interior regions with freshly ground spices and wonderful intense flavours. Mr. Mohan Reddy has maintained the authentic menu, focussing on quality and purity. Even in this era of fusion foods, Nagarjuna food is firmly rooted in the wholesome traditional Andhra fare, with a rare consistency in their cuisine.


Nagarjuna follows the most stringent practices of food hygiene, sourcing only the finest and freshest ingredients, with purity and top-notch quality being the hallmarks of the chain. During COVID-19, strict guidelines were observed and staff was trained for best practices for safety across the outlets, kitchens, dining areas, processes and protocols.


Mr. Mohan Reddy has led the Nagarjuna enterprise from the front, fully hands-on at every stage of the business, winning many awards and accolades from the industry as well as the general public. Among the prestigious awards are the Best Restaurateur Award received at the All India Achievers’ Conference held in New Delhi; International Star for Quality Award received in Madrid, Spain; H&FS Award held in New Delhi; and the Times Food and Nightlife Award for several consecutive years, and many more.

Nagarjuna’s popularity has also been recognised for its contribution to South Indian Tourism, through a ceremony hosted by Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association.

The Reddy Family has worked hard and earned these accolades and popular adulation, with each award serving as an inspiration to work harder and keep the Nagarjuna banner flying high.