Mr. Hamad Omid Abdullah Ghasemi

Mr. Hamad Omid Abdullah Ghasemi

After studying Mechanical Engineering from Nicosia, Cyprus and then utilizing his 10 years of protracted experience, Mr. Ghasemi has been actively involved in the field as an advisor, real estate consultant, sales director, board member and a board advisor.

After completing his education, Mr. Ghasemi was engaged in manufacturing and family business for a few years until he started working in real estate which involved managing investments worth 100 million AED.

Working at the Al Masah International Real Estate Brokerage (LLC) as consultant or advisor for real estate developer companies such as Tiger Real Estate and Al Masah Real Estate Development (LLC), he played a key role in introducing the concept of unit transfers and the process of settlements within the developers.

Holding an entrepreneurial streak within himself, he established Emirates World Investments (EMWIN) and Freehold Sales Centre at the age of 27, and established and became the Chairman of Freehold Mediation and Information Real Estate Consultancy (FMI) at 32. He has successfully created a team of professionals involved in real estate settlements, totalling the market value of FMI to 6 billion AED.


Mr. Ghasemi likes client interactions, extensive research & analysis, and then using his immense knowledge of stages such as Situation Analysis, Option Analysis & Execution in consulting & guiding the real estate investors & developers in reaching a win-win solution.

He has also created several research and awareness methods to be used during the FMI process so the investors can be well-informed about the current investment situations, projects, markets & can have an overall understanding of the investment value. With his practicality and wisdom in the real estate, he has also established real estate litigation monitoring which involves updates on previous cases within same or similar projects and a list of law firms with successful cases in similar projects.

A pragmatic leader, Mr. Ghasemi has undertaken a very beneficial & much-needed step by building a mediation team. In his matured exposure to the field, & realising that lack of license for mediation activities can put the investors at risk, he has taken an initiative to join the real estate consultants to cover the commercial negotiations & legal consultants to cover the contract terms, negotiations and preparations.

Asset Relocation is another one of Mr. Ghasemi’s forte. This has largely impacted and benefited several clients facing issues with their developers. He has managed to create a platform where in case of disputed projects, clients can be easily transferred from one developer to another with an active & reliable project.

An experience of 10 years & arduous work in real estate has enabled Mr. Ghasemi contributing to an increase of foreign investment capital flowing into the UAE real estate market. His guidance has raised his company, FMI to heights of prosperity : FMI is managing 2,700 units individually enclosed to 10,000 units from real estate developments. The real estate market today needs enigmatic, visionary & honest leaders like Mr. Ghasemi to help build and attain the trust of investors.