Musk Calls India Not Having A Permanent UNSC Seat As Absurd

Musk Calls India Not Having A Permanent UNSC Seat As Absurd

US billionaire Elon Musk calls India’s not being a United Nations Security Council member ‘absurd.’

Musk’s statement comes after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanded reforms in the institutions of global governance. Guterres further questioned the African Union’s lack of representation in the UNSC and said that institutions must reflect today’s world and not that of 80 years ago.

According to him, India and Africa should be added to the permanent member seat as they are two of the most populous countries in the world. He stated that the UNSC is unjustly divided, and the member countries with excess power don’t want to give up. He took to his X account and said that there needs to be a revision of the UN bodies. He said, “India not having a permanent seat on the Security Council, despite being the most populous country on Earth, is absurd.”

Israeli venture capitalist Michael Eisenberg said India and the UN should be “dismantled” in favour of a new organisation governed by “real leadership.”

UNSC currently has five permanent members and 10 non-permanent members elected for two terms by the General Assembly. Meanwhile, India has been a non-permanent