Nikhil and Dhruva shine in Indian National Autocross Championship 2024

Nikhil and Dhruva shine in Indian National Autocross Championship 2024

Nikhil J won the race in the INAC1 800-1650cc class finals. He demonstrated his skill by clocking a phenomenal 1:25.094, which beat Dhruva Chandrashekar’s 1:26.267. Meanwhile, Nikeetaa Takkale stood out as a standout female driver in the Indian National Autocross Championship held at the Nanoli Stud Farm near Pune.

The Indian Automotive Racing Club organised the event, which included an exciting demonstration of ability and speed and produced national champions in several categories. It marked the start of the 12 Nationals organised by FMSCI for 2024, concluding with the declaration of Indian champions.

Philippos Matthai won the INAC1 1651-2400cc championship, being the only competitor in his class. Drivers from many categories, including Dhruva Chandrashekar, Mazdayar Vatcha, Nikhil J., Daksh Gill, and Nikeetaa Takkale, displayed exceptional performances in the championship finals.

In the INAC 3-Open Class, Mazdayar Vatcha became victorious, while Amey Desai and Praveen Dwarkanath secured impressive positions. Nikeeta won the women’s Time Attack competition with a fantastic time of 1:31.380. Nikita Nair and Tarushi Vikram came in second and third, respectively.

The INAC 2024 signalled the start of the 12 Nationals hosted by FMSCI, which concluded with the announcement of Indian athletes as champions.