Nitesh Shetty

Nitesh Shetty

Architect of Amazing Accomplishments

A self-driven entrepreneur with an unforgiving eye for detail, Nitesh Shetty is a man of steely determination who firmly believes that nothing is impossible. He carries an easy and affable charm in his demeanor which often vibrates the room with vibes of positive energy

“His is not a rag-to-riches story, but he certainly is a self-made man, if we go by the cliché of terms to describe his motivated personality”

Big dreams, lateral thinking, and a pragmatic approach are the factors which fuelled the meteoric rise of probably the youngest real estate tycoon of Bengaluru – Nitesh Shetty. His brainchild Nitesh Estates have been adorning Bengaluru’s skyline for more than a decade now, and he even brought the famous luxury brand The Ritz-Carlton hotel to the country.

Nitesh’s unshakeable determination and the willingness to be on the top of his game every time have designed the module of his success. Never shying away from taking risks and venturing into areas which others found unachievable, he made his way to the zenith himself. His is not a rag-to-riches story, but he certainly is a self-made man, if we go by the cliché of terms to describe his motivated personality. A workaholic whose race to achieve more never ceases, Nitesh Shetty is the epitome of excellence.


His escapade to the gallery of luxury real estate development was initiated in the thought of a moment – a hunger to be nothing but the number one. Nitesh pursued his career as a tennis pro for a few years. His excellent skills made him won several state-level championships; however, he soon realized that he had reached the peak of his game and there wasn’t any growth ahead. He did not want to stay in a field where he couldn’t be the
best. And his heart’s calling told him that business is what can give him the thrill of palpable success and the top spot.

It was in the year 1997 when 20-year-old Nitesh borrowed a sum of Rs. 12,000 from his mother and began his entrepreneurial journey by selling billboard space in Bengaluru. It was around this time an old building on MG Road in Central Bengaluru caught his eye, which he developed into an office space called Nitesh Broadway, and marked his entry into the real estate sector. This was also the inception of the now popular Joint Development model used rampantly in the real estate world. Though initially it was difficult for him to convince the financiers as they ignored his passion considering him just another young boy, he never let this dishearten him. And from then on, there was no looking back for this self-motivated man, as he developed a plethora of properties in just over a decade including commercial spaces, condos, a shopping mall and a luxury hotel.


Nitesh Shetty is a man of many interests. His first passion tennis still remains very close to his heart. He loves to travel and dine at the finest of restaurants around the globe. He adores art and that is reflected in his marvelous creations as well.

Even though he has attained tremendous success and popularity in a short time, Nitesh remains a shy boy at heart. He doesn’t like undue attention and keeps a very small circle of close friends. A family man, he manages his personal and professional life extremely well. His life has been a roller-coaster ride, highs accompanied by lows, but he never let the bad times hamper his zest to attain laurels. Nitesh knew exactly what he wanted and with a sharp focus went for it quietly and confidently. Today, he is recognized as one of the top real estate tycoons of the country.