Nitin Gadkari Vows To Eliminate Fuel Cars From India
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Nitin Gadkari Vows To Eliminate Fuel Cars From India

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari aims to transform India into a green economy by reducing GST on hybrid vehicles and eliminating over 36 crore petrol and diesel vehicles. He asserts that achieving this vision is challenging yet feasible.

Gadkari emphasises the potential benefits: redirecting the Rs 16 lakh crore spent on fuel imports towards improving farmers’ lives, boosting rural prosperity, and creating employment opportunities for youth. While he doesn’t specify a timeline, he remains optimistic about the goal. The Finance Ministry has yet to consider a proposal to reduce the GST on hybrid vehicles to 5% and on flex engines to 12%. Biofuel promotion, according to Gadkari, could reduce India’s fuel imports.

Environmental activists commend his commitment to sustainable transportation but warn against over-dependence on fossil fuels for the production of electricity.

Gadkari has advocated for alternative fuels since 2004 and anticipates significant changes within the next five to seven years. He highlights plans by auto companies like Bajaj and Hero to produce motorcycles and autorickshaws with flex engines. Gadkari himself uses a hydrogen-powered car, witnessing the growing acceptance of electric vehicles.

He remains optimistic, asserting that the future belongs to alternatives and biofuels, a vision that is gradually gaining traction.