One Out of Every Five US Student Visas Issued in India in 2022
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One Out of Every Five US Student Visas Issued in India in 2022

The US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti has said that one out of every five US student visas will be issued in India in 2022, which is more than the proportion of the Indian population in the world.

The US Mission in India held its seventh annual Student Visa Day countrywide on June 7 with Consular Officers from New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai interviewing almost 3,500 Indian student visa applicants.

Speaking on the occasion, Garcetti underlined that more Indians come to the United States as students than from any other country in the world. He also said that his office is on track to process the highest number of visa applications for students in the US history, and will be making more visa appointments available for students this year than ever.

According to the data shared by the embassy, the US Mission in India issued more than 1,25,000 student visas, which is a record-breaking number. In 2022, Indians were issued the highest numbers of H&L employment visas (65 percent) and F1 student visas (17.5 percent) globally.

Last year, more than 1.2 million people from India visited the US, making Indians one of the largest groups of international visitors to the US.

Indian students comprise more than 21 percent of the total population of international students in the US.