Parvez Jasani

Parvez Jasani

It is a well known fact that over the last few years, the mobile phone industry has witnessed a huge spike in demand due to smart phones. Today, consumers are more inclined towards smart phones. This transformation occurred with the change in the lifestyles and requirements of the consumers. The fast paced life demanded remote calling service. Alongside, there was a rise of the telecom industry supporting the need for the smart phone market. Several telecom operators also entered the market with their unique range of services and offerings. However, the payment mode or the payment method was not particularly secure while the transaction was taking place. It needed companies like CELLPAY to provide a fast and secure mode of payment.

Furthermore, the digital landscape has widened its reach to suffice its benefits to customers at large. Additionally, it has leveraged numerous companies to connect with its customers to provide its services and offerings. Today, customers are relying heavily on branded payments to control their budgets. “Digital payments have become a substantial category within the alternative payment methods space, chances are you’ve probably used a form of digital payment at some point in your life, either for yourself or someone else — you’ll recognize them in the likes of gift cards, mobile top-up or prepaid payment cards,” states Parvez Jasani (President of CELLPAY).


An experienced leader, Parvez saw digital transformation as an opportunity to transform a top cell phone company to DDS (DIGITAL DELIVERY SERVICE) firm. While the transformation was happening around, he motivated himself to learn more about telecommunication. As he went further, his passion made him realize that using Prepaid Platforms and Mobile Telephones in the U.S. does not offer a one-stop-shop to make payment online. Also, the services were inconvenient for making payments. This was soon countered by CELLPAY through its customer-centric and problem solving approach. CELLPAY not only offers convenience and top-ups but is also the finest payment platform including unbanked/ underbanked, underserved wireless customers by providing a convenient, secure, instant, and one-stop solution for all their needs 24×7. Parvez understands that secure payment is one of the crucial issues for any customer. Addressing the issue, CELLPAY has developed unique no-pin top-up delivery which converts every PIN to a direct top-up and makes recharge convenient.


Under his able leadership, CELLPAY has introduced three different ways for payment which include online payment, IVR, and text 2 pay in order to further enhance the security. It has also developed a number validation to protect the consumer from choosing the wrong carrier, an added protection against double loading. The distinct features of CELLPAY are as follows:

  1. Protection from online hackers: CELLPAY’s Unique Cellphone Number Validator (Patent process to be initiated)
  2. Protection against double-loading (single payment and multiple recharges): restricting double loading for a pre-defined period
  3. Fraud protection: 160-point verification (the type of card, POP/POS device, IP address tracking, Country of origin for the request, etc.)


Owing to Parvez’s dedicated and focused efforts, CELLPAY has been recently ranked #5 on Inc. 500 list. Sharing his success mantra, he says, “Have a Great Idea. All businesses start as an idea, whether they end up as successful businesses or not. Some businesses are successful as soon as they launch based solely on the strength of the ideas behind them.”

He is of the view that the sole purpose of any entrepreneur or business is to create a customer and hold the customer with unique solutions and services. The majority of the time, energy, and money should be applied to creating customers for the business.

Further, he advises, “Your strategy should Be Continuous Improvement: The business world is rapidly changing, and competition is both aggressive and plentiful. Focus on ways to improve yourself and your business. If a day goes by when your business is not getting better, then you can be sure it’s getting worse.”


For the entire world, 2020 was the year of many startling changes. We all have witnessed businesses shutting down and also a few businesses changing their strategies to adapt and keep the ball rolling. Another major transformation that took place was forced digitalization. Every company was pushed towards online and remote working. This also meant that there was a huge surge in digital payment methods. Conversing about these changes and their aftermath, Parvez asserts, “The first is, we had no choice. We all were quarantined in our homes. We needed to buy things, and everybody had to buy things online. Eventually, this necessity turned out to be convenience. Soon people realized the benefits of digital payments which ensure that they no longer have to wait in long lines at a cashier; the products can be delivered whenever and wherever they want.”


Transformation is a part of the business world. Those who understand business understand how transformation helps the business to push beyond its limits. Parvez is one such leader who has been efficiently enabling CELLPAY to emerge as a pioneer in digital payments sector. Furthermore, he is also thriving to make it a one-stop-shop for all your digital payment needs including top-up, international top-up, gift card, sim card, crypto payment, bill payment, lotto, and anything and everything can be digitally delivered. CELLPAY understands that there is a constant change in the demands of the customers. The company is in the process to make its own POS serve B2B store (convince store).

Currently, 80 million people in the US are underbanked and 20 million undocumented and most of them pay by cash. CELLPAY is developing a platform, which will be deployed in convenience stores where they can make cash payment for phone bill, utility bill, & buy a gift card. It is also adding bitcoin so that the customers can also buy bitcoin with cash.