Parvez Sultan Rupani

Parvez Sultan Rupani

Born and brought up in Pakistan, Mr. Rupani pursued his education in the USA. He relocated to the West for higher education. To finance his studies, he actively pursued different part-time job opportunities, including working at school stores and gas stations.


In 2009, Mr. Rupani and his brother and partner, Asif Ahmed, made the decision to move from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At that time, they did not have an established business in place. Beginning with a modest operation consisting of six individuals, they embarked on a journey of perseverance and dedication. By 2016, their relentless efforts propelled them to become the leading partner of Etisalat, earning multiple prestigious awards within a remarkably short span of time. Subsequently, their team expanded significantly and currently comprises over 200 talented professionals. They also successfully developed their own product, DGTX, which is now being marketed and sold by Etisalat.

Determined to succeed, Mr. Rupani delved into the realm of entrepreneurship, encountering both triumphs and challenges along the way. The experiences served as invaluable lessons, equipping him with the resilience necessary to overcome life’s obstacles. Under his stellar leadership, DGTX has achieved remarkable success by addressing a critical challenge pertaining to compliance with new taxation laws faced by small businesses in the Middle East.

An acronym for Digital Taxation, DGTX emerged as a comprehensive solution, offering an all-encompassing approach. For a mere 500 Dirhams, it provided a wide array of services, including a point-of-sale system, tax calculation, document archiving, representation in case of issues, and access to a tax agent.

Bolstered by an impressive clientele of over 4,000 actively engaged customers and fortified by FTA certification, DGTX is currently in an advantageous position to venture into the area of corporate taxation, scheduled for implementation in June 2023. Furthermore, it aims at capturing a customer base of 10,000 within this domain, leveraging its groundbreaking infrastructure, advanced software system, and highly proficient customer service team to deliver an unrivalled back-office framework of the utmost quality.

Additionally, with a valuation of $56 million in 2021, Mr. Rupani envisions expanding the company’s offerings beyond taxation solutions over the next five years. Plans include venturing into data mining and diversifying its services. The company also aspires to extend its presence beyond the UAE to other GCC nations. The primary objective is to facilitate the growth and prosperity of businesses by equipping them with the necessary tools and expertise to navigate regulatory compliance and achieve their aspirations.


Mr. Rupani brings a wealth of vast and diverse global experience to the table. Throughout his career, he has led multiple businesses, overseeing teams ranging from 300 to 400 people across different regions. “The experiences I have gained over the years have provided me with a distinct advantage in foreseeing market fluctuations and adapting surefire strategies accordingly,” says the leader.


Driven by a commitment to facilitating the advancement of others, Mr. Rupani has dedicated himself to the noble cause of guiding individuals towards their desired destinations. Presently, the Dubai-based entrepreneur leverages his acquired wisdom to inspire and mentor others, drawing upon his personal triumphs and tribulations. He has undertaken the ambitious endeavour of offering comprehensive guidance to aspiring individuals through his insightful podcast titled “Powerpreneurs.”

Mr. Rupani champions the notion of embracing calculated risks and mustering the courage to take decisive action in pursuit of success. For him success is a journey not a destination. He also expresses that knowledge alone is insufficient; instead, it is the profound impact of one’s actions that lays the groundwork for accomplishing personal aspirations. Concurrently, he emphasises the significance of self-confidence and acknowledging one’s inherent capacity for attaining success in life.

The leader intends to dedicate his life to philanthropy and to help others achieve their dreams, aiming to empower young people through knowledge, funding, and opportunities. He hopes to inspire the upcoming business leaders to make a positive impact on society and lead meaningful lives.


Mr. Rupani’s visionary leadership and his adeptness in foreseeing and adapting to emerging trends have played a pivotal role in catapulting his company to new heights. The esteemed Arabian Best of Best Award presented to him for digital transformation stands as a testament to his dedication and relentless efforts. A distinguished honour, the award holds a position of prestige, honouring exceptional individuals and organisations that have made noteworthy strides in advancing the digital transformation landscape within the UAE.