PM Modi Meets Top Indian Gamers
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PM Modi Meets Top Indian Gamers

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a discussion with top Indian gamers, focusing on various aspects of the gaming industry. The future of e-gaming and its difficulties were discussed in the talk.

With his interesting idea of “Mission LIFE,” PM Modi pushed for a game that tackles global climate challenges and encourages players to look into sustainable solutions.

In the course of the conversation, PM Modi stressed the significance of fusing Indian values with gaming, proposing themes like cleanliness to raise youth’s understanding of society. He praised the inventiveness of the gaming business and the government’s encouragement of its expansion.

Topics including women’s gaming engagement and differentiating between gaming and gambling were also covered in the discussion.

The gaming industry in India has grown significantly, and games based on Indian mythology are becoming more and more popular. Even though mobile gaming is king, PC games like League of Legends demonstrate India’s global competitiveness.

The Prime Minister praised the tenacity of Indian gamers and mentioned their successful qualification for the 19th Asian Games. The discussions brought to light the gaming sector’s potential in India as well as the government’s dedication to its growth.