Prabodh Thakker

Prabodh Thakker


Mr. Thakker has an illustrious career that spans across three decades and has been marked by his outstanding contributions to the insurance field. He has held various respectable positions such as that of President of Indian Merchants Chamber for 2014-15. He holds an Associate Degree (A.I.I.I.) from the Insurance Institute of India along with being a faculty at numerous other institutions related to insurance and management. Being a member of the Managing Committee of the IndoAmerican Chamber of Commerce along with being on the Executive Committee of the Indo-American Society in Mumbai, he has extended his valuable contributions to numerous forums.

Under his able leadership, Global Insurance has established itself as an esteemed composite broking firm that offers various distinguished services and insurance products to various individuals and companies. Over the years, it has won the trust of its clients and has gained an edge over its competitors.

By virtue of Mr. Thakker’s guidance, the organization has bolstered its governance standards and has developed a technology tool called GPS (Global Policy Service) that has changed the way services are provided.


A firm believer in the idea that only an ethical approach can lead to a successful entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Thakker has always incorporated honest and principled methods while strategizing his business agenda. He has guided the company towards pioneering some of the best practices in the insurance industry. ‘Growth with Governance’ is the idea with which the enterprise has moved ahead and offered some of the most exclusive and sought-after solutions in the insurance domain.


Through meticulous coaching, Mr. Thakker has been able to develop an efficient team at Global Insurance. The skilled employees at the firm are extremely able and agile. Together, they have been instrumental in giving direction to the way insurance is perceived within India and beyond. Through the various programs on Risk Management, the firm has been able to bring forward a significant aspect of financial freedom in case of calamities and unforeseen incidents. The role of insurance and reinsurance advisors has been underlined by its efforts in making individuals and organizations disasterready. Owing to his innovative strategies in the field, Mr. Thakker has brought the focus on the emerging insurance needs and purchase strategy relevant for a sustainable business.

Mr. Thakker is also thoughtful about society and strives to work towards solving issues. He believes in the idea of ‘making things happen’ and works for the betterment of the underprivileged. He has actively involved himself in the activities that bring about a positive and meaningful change in society. By supporting the education of the youth in rural and remote areas, he has bettered their opportunities for employment.