Protest On Wheels In Thai Capital Seeks Government’s Ouster

Protest On Wheels In Thai Capital Seeks Government’s Ouster

A Protest on Wheels was seen on Sunday in the Thai capital Bangkok in a mobile protest against the government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha. A long line of cars, trucks, and motorbikes wended its way through the capital hoping their nonviolent action dubbed a “car mob” that could help force the ouster of Prayuth.

They accuse the Prime Minister of botching the campaign against the coronavirus. A veteran social activist Sombat Boonngamaning, who helped originate such a protest in July said that there is only one message from this car mob and that was “Prayuth get out!”. He said that Prayuth had a chance of running the country for seven years and he proved that he is incapable of being the country’s leader and they cannot let him continue.

The tactic used to show the protest has attracted more and more participants. However, its mobile nature made it very hard to estimate the size of the protest. Few were seen flashing banners that displayed support and opposition’s three-finger salute as the lengthy parade of vehicles passed.

The organizers were not only anti-government but also appeared to be the ones with the broadest support. They said they will stop the car mob tactic but carry on with a bigger protest during the Parliament’s no-confidence debate.