Pulkit Seth

Pulkit Seth

Mr. Seth graduated from Stern School of Business with a Bachelor’s degree in science. He then decided to join his family business – Pearl Global. Even though it was his first professional experience, he had big plans. He harbored a strong passion for innovation and took that with him when he joined the company in 2002. Mr. Seth wanted to reinvent the business and lead with a next-gen mindset. He was strongly driven by the vision to totally transform the apparel industry and that is exactly what he went on to achieve.

A Fresh Outlook

Pearl Global was established by Deepak Seth in 1987. It is one of the few Indian apparel export houses that are listed on the Indian Stock Exchange. The company’s USP is that it offers multi-country manufacturing and a whole range of products all under one roof. Many of the company’s milestones can be accredited to Mr. Deepak, under whom the business has grown by leaps and bounds.

Mr. Seth brings to Pearl Global a strategic outlook with which he has led the entire business transformation. He is now the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Pearl Global and under his guidance, the company has grown to be a $300 million venture with a workforce of over 32,000 people. By redirecting the company along a new path, Mr. Seth has also carved a name for himself and has played a vital role in the company’s growth journey. With a futuristic eye on sustainable fashion, he strategically created an operations model that would benefit the world and give way to a circular economy.

He has led various initiatives at the company to build new-age processes that promote the use of sustainable technology and innovative business practices. His focus has always been on sustainability. From establishing solar panels at the factories to starting processes like ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) and STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) that conserve and recycle watermark. Seth has led some path-breaking initiatives that were unheard of in the industry. Almost all the processes in the company are automated and worked on with the help of a skilled taskforce.

His sustainable approach has assisted the organization in creating the herculean output of over 70 million clothing pieces annually, with a key focus on sustainability in all aspects of the business. He vehemently stresses upon operational excellence. Under his exemplary leadership, the team offers complete supply chain solutions, ensures timely deliveries, and stays focused on customer satisfaction.

Marching towards a glistening future

Mr. Seth’s vision and hard work have won many accolades for the company. Pearl Global has received various awards like the ‘Highest Global Exports’ by Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), Three Star Trading House Certificate of Recognition from The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Authorized Economic Operator Certificate from the Ministry of Finance among many others.

At a young age of 41, Mr. Seth has built an empire that stands tall not only for the sheer numbers but also for the distinguished business values it exudes. His commitment, perseverance and unmatched efforts have ensured that the firm enjoys steady growth. With this kind of resolve, the future looks good for Pearl Global. Mr. Seth believes that the journey is just getting started. There are many opportunities still waiting to be explored and he can’t wait to scale new heights.