Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar Becomes Fastest EV Ever Made

Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar Becomes Fastest EV Ever Made

Croatian car maker Rimac has made the world’s most powerful and fastest electric hypercar, Nevera. The company took the electric vehicle (EV) to the Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility in Germany and ended up setting a total of 23 different world records in a single day.

The all-electric Nevera achieved the 0-100kph speed in just 1.81 seconds, which is 0.05sec quicker than the faster car named Pininfarina Battista, which held the title for sprinting at the same speed in 1.86 seconds. It also set another record by sprinting 0-400kph in just 29.93 seconds. It then went ahead to break the world record set by Koenigsegg Regera in 2019 for the fastest acceleration in the same category in just 31 seconds.

The records were recorded by two independent verifiers from a third-party firm, Dewesoft and RaceLogic. The verifiers organised multiple sets of rounds by the Nevera at the ground, including standing quarter mile time. After the activity, they gave Rimac Nevera the title of the fastest and most powerful EV ever made.

Rimac said that the electric vehicle is powered by four separate surface-mounted permanent-magnet electric motors that provide a combined 1,914 horsepower and a whopping 2,360 Nm peak torque at a stated top speed of 412 km/h.