Samrat Sengupta

Samrat Sengupta

Mr. Sengupta has duly established his name in the sphere of General Commercial Litigation through his extensive experience in Arbitration before Tribunals and Commercial Litigations in different High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. His experience in the legal sector and dealing in corporate transactions, strategy making and litigations alongwith his optimistic attitude has always been favourable. A key part of the firm, he has provided legal advice on various subjects like bank guarantees matters, banking solutions, infrastructural project advisory, matters related to RBI and FEMA, international arbitrations and infrastructural arbitrations. He has also given legal opinion and advisory, and conducted several corporate documentation, including mergers, acquisition and drafting of mining leases and shareholders agreements; and real estate documentation. In addition, he has undertaken pro bono works as well as CSR activities beyond his scope of work so that legal amenities can reach those who need it the most. He has mostly dealt with causes like rights of senior citizens, children, differently abled, women, and labour, and matters of workplace ethics and environment. He has also assisted social entrepreneurs to enable them to carry out their missions of positive social change and improve the lives of the poor and disenfranchised.


With his business acumen and a mind-set towards driving business growth, protect rights, minimise risk and assure compliance, Mr. Sengupta has ensured that the idea of leadership is not towards validation of designations, but towards creating an approach that meets both the ends of the spectrum. This approach will then lead to the well-being of the team and success of the firm. He believes in the formation of a compassionate team that not only ventures into different contemporary laws, but also creates impact through justice. According to him, it is significant to identify up-and-coming professionals who have the skill set and ability to lead. Investing time and energy in their training is what makes him certain that he is not only contributing to the company’s collective growth, but also enhancing the quality of the legacy that the legal fraternity is about.


Mr. Sengupta has duly been committed towards the growth of the wider legal fraternity where he continues to contribute towards new avenues of law. His major contributions have been towards exploration on the Legal Domain of Sports Law and Art Law, and other growing legal avenues such as Brand Management Laws. He perceives that the growth of technology is an opportunity towards embittering the legal profession and continues to critically study and examine the effects of AI in the legal profession. He believes in collective growth and fostering the legal fraternity as a whole, and so aims to set up a professional institution which can provide practical training and orientation to law students, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice.


For his work, Mr. Sengupta has been awarded the Lex Falcon Award 2022 for the Singapore Chapter. He has been a part of various conferences and legal events to ensure that quality legal education continues to be imparted and opportunities are created for young lawyers. He has also been part of Lex Witness’ webinar, and seminars and conferences.