Santosh Chandrakar

Santosh Chandrakar


People who talk about Naswiz in the direct selling industry always credit its success to Mr. Chandrakar. The man started this idea way back in 2006. Now, he is running a leading firm seeking to be a direct selling industry leader.

Mr. Chandrakar completed his Masters in Computer Applications. But it was business that attracted him to build a career. Thus, he established Naswiz and fuelled his entrepreneurial spirit.

With Naswiz, Mr. Chandrakar is serving India’s beauty, health and wellness marketplace. Some popular suites of products are in multiple industries, such as personal care, electronics, herbal products, apparel, lifestyle and agriculture. He and his team have penetrated the markets while positively impacting lives through their best-quality products and a rewarding global business opportunity.


Mr. Chandrakar is a man that took Naswiz to greater heights in the wellness and healthcare market. As the Managing Director, he has always thought of keeping the business up and running under all circumstances. So, when the pandemic dampened the organisation’s spirits and profits, he did not let his team members’ morale go down.

The company, under his leadership, embraced innovation and launched COVID-19 protection products such as masks and sanitisers. With this, he expanded the market reach of Naswiz multiple folds, allowing the organisation to grow further. Now, Mr. Chandrakar strives hard to make a lasting impact on the world. He does this by helping individuals achieve their income goals through his direct selling venture. The industry lets people be their own boss and earn high profits to increase their income. Today, his company boasts a network of ever-growing business associates and customers.

The business has been expanding globally as well. Recently, Naswiz launched products such as PhytoWiz – a health supplement appreciated by many – to reach the foreign shores of the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Africa.


Undoubtedly, hard work and innovation have led Mr. Chandrakar to heights, but consistency has played an equal role. He credits consistent quality of products to be the reason behind Naswiz’s solid customer base all over the country.

His belief in consistency has also helped him sail the boat amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The business leader did not stop when the world stopped. Instead, he launched new products and instantly shifted the company’s operations to virtual mode. Daily webinars, meetings and clear communication kept Naswiz in business, ensuring that the people connected with it did not lose their earnings. Mr. Chandrakar believes that Naswiz stands out of the crowd of direct selling companies because of its approach towards products. It works on only unique products and gives time and energy to research. Committed to providing a wide variety of world-class products to his customers, the visionary is open to source the ingredients from all across the globe.


For Mr. Chandrakar, recognition has come in many forms. His company Naswiz has been felicitated with several awards over the years. Recently, Network Marketing Awards chose Naswiz as the Best Marketing Company of 2022.

In addition to its outstanding products and services, Mr. Chandrakar has ensured that Naswiz is known for its great work culture. In 2022, the company was certified as the Best Company to Work For by Business Connect for its continuous efforts to provide an excellent work culture to its employees.