Satender Sharma

Satender Sharma

Aproven leader with grit, determination, and a strong desire for success, Mr. Sharma is consistently focused on developing and implementing Petrocontracts International’s strategy and future growth. Having grown up as the son of an Army Officer, Mr. Sharma takes inspiration from his father, Mr. Chander Prakash Sharma, whose life experiences inspired him to live a disciplined, honest, and fulfilling life. He learned early in life that the army faces many hardships, but the soldiers remain strong and continue to serve. This lesson has continued to inspire him to this day.


Mr. Sharma holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree and a Diploma in Business Management. Additionally, the well-versed leader holds Fellowships of the Chartered Institute of Management, UK, and the Institution of Engineers.

Prior to establishing Petrocontracts International Limited, Mr. Sharma was the Vice President of Petrofac International Limited. He has also held a variety of management roles at the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA OPCO), Abu Dhabi, now ADNOC Offshore (2007-2008); Qatar Petroleum, Doha (1995–2007); Colt Engineering, Abu Dhabi, now owned by Worley Parsons (1993-1995); Engineers India Limited, New Delhi (1983-1993), Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co Pvt Ltd, New Delhi (1982-1983); and Electrocom Industries, New Delhi (1981-1983). Among his other experiences, he has held various positions of responsibility at Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA OPCO) and other companies, such as Qatar Petroleum (1995-1997); Colt Engineering (1993-1995); and Engineers India Limited, New Delhi.

The opportunities he achieved and the things he learned about different industry sectors made him feel passionate about passing on his experiences and insights to the younger generation. To this end, Mr. Sharma established Petrocontracts International in London, UK in the year 2017. Using proven grass-roots strategies based on innovative solutions and services.

His mission is also to help multi-billion-dollar companies overcome multifarious challenges. He says, “Our comprehensive service offering comprises of Project Management, Claims Management, Commercial & Proposals Management, Contract & Sub-contract management and resource management, allowing clients to concentrate on their core capabilities while we handle their perennial issues.” As evidence of the company’s success, it has delivered more than 50 projects in consulting across numerous industries in the past four years.

The company, which the ambitious leader founded as a business consultancy firm focused on extending business support to domestic and international companies, now has offices in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, as well as in Gurugram, India. Mr. Sharma is now in the process of expanding the company into the Far East and South America, where it can satisfy the individual needs of customers in the Gulf States, Asia, Europe, and Africa, where there are untapped opportunities in the oil and gas industry. The forward-thinking leader’s grasp of modernization and, more crucially, his personal views and ideas have contributed to Petrocontracts’ current global position.


Mr. Sharma is known for his strategic thinking and planning skills. A strong business developer with extensive connections within the EPC industry, the visionary leader, has the skills, competence, and experience to handle any leadership role connected to Project, Business, or Commercial Management with utmost ease. In the long run, he wants Petrocontracts to be as multinational as some of the larger corporations, such as the UK’s Wood Group.

His continuous focus is on maintaining the firm’s high profits while reducing costs at the same time. He alleges that in order to realize this vision, the company hires core employees only when necessary. “Because we aren’t providing a product, but service instead, we can optimise our services by lowering overhead. This is how we remain competitive in the industry,” he explains.


With Mr. Sharma’s bespoke approach and proven strategies, Petrocontracts International has risen to new heights. The company has demonstrated a long-standing track record of providing high-quality results through world-class practices and modern technology. It’s no wonder that the company’s clients greatly rely on its innovative and customized solutions, whether it be to eliminate financial and operating risks, remove bureaucracy within organizations, optimize costs, or hire the best talent.

Under his outstanding leadership, Petrocontracts International has recently completed three big projects. It is also serving several organizations throughout the region.

The company is currently active in GCC Countries, Asia, Europe and Africa. Since its inception, the leader claims that his company has made significant breakthroughs.

He gladly says, “Even as a startup, we have achieved a lot of milestones by getting orders from customers and have already delivered a few of those orders successfully.” He adds, “That is a significant accomplishment for a young business like ours, as many contractors are approaching us for work.”

Moreover, following the pandemic outbreak, he restructured Petrocontracts’ business strategy to meet the demands of the industry during the lockdown, focusing on creating jobs as quickly as possible. Additionally, with his innovative ideas, he introduced new project management and claims management procedures, causing clients to file fresh COVID claims and maintain working capital, allowing their firms to stay afloat during difficult times.


Mr. Sharma is passionate about giving back to society. Specially abled individuals hold a special place in his heart, and he does everything in his power to help them. At the same time, the compassionate leader is an advocate of the green movement. He has chalked out Sustainable Development and Environmental policies for Petrocontracts International to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.