Saudi Arabia To Take Part In Miss Universe 2024 Competition
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Saudi Arabia To Take Part In Miss Universe 2024 Competition

In a historic first for Saudi Arabia, it will be competing in this year’s Miss Universe pageant, marking a significant milestone for the nation. 

On Monday, Rumy Alqahtani, a beauty pageant contestant and well-known influencer, announced the news on social media, expressing her honour at being selected.

This move reflects Saudi Arabia’s recent efforts to modernise its economy and promote tourism, aligning with broader social reforms aimed at advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment. The decision to participate in Miss Universe follows the lifting of the ban on women driving in 2018, symbolising a shift in societal norms.

Alqahtani, hailing from Riyadh, has previously competed in international pageants, showcasing her experience in the field. The upcoming Miss Universe pageant is scheduled to take place in Mexico, following the crowning of Miss Nicaragua as the winner in the previous edition in 2023. Antonia Porsild from Thailand clinched the second position in the prestigious competition, whereas, Moraya Wilson from Australia secured the third position.

This step signifies the kingdom’s willingness to promote its talents and engage in international platforms, contributing to its broader vision of economic and social development.