Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief Distributes Food Baskets Globally for Ramadan

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief Distributes Food Baskets Globally for Ramadan

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has distributed food baskets in countries around the world as part of Ramadan aid efforts.

KSrelief distributed 108 tonnes of food baskets to disadvantaged communities in Lebanon and Bangladesh. In Lebanon, Syrian and Palestinian refugees as well as the host community in Arsal town of Beqaa governorate received about 84 tonnes of food baskets. The center also distributed 24 tonnes of food baskets in Nuwabara, Islampur and Jamalpur of Bangladesh, benefitting 1,000 families.

This initiative is part of the relief and humanitarian projects that the Kingdom provides through KSrelief to the needy and friendly people and countries around the world during the holy month of Ramadan.

Earlier, KSRelief had distributed 9 tonnes of food baskets in Kouffo department of Benin, where 900 individuals were benefitted. In Elbasan, Albania, the center distributed 4 tonnes of food baskets, benefiting 300 individuals. Under the aid, shelter materials, such as 200 sleeping mattresses, 200 blankets, and 100 tents, have been distributed to the earthquake-affected victims in many countryside of Idlib, northern Syria, benefiting 536 individuals of 100 families; 1,500 food baskets were distributed in Central Darfur State, Sudan, benefiting 11,340 individuals. Eight tonnes of food baskets have benefited 600 people of the neediest groups in Chad’s capital N’Djamena, among other places.