Shafiqul Islam Rahi

Shafiqul Islam Rahi

Rahi One Travels

Emiratis swear by Rahi One Travels’ services, whether for official trips or vacations. Though there is no shortage of travel agents in the UAE, customers and clients choose Rahi One because of the quality of its services. And the man responsible for this quality is the founder of the business, Mr. Shafiqul.

Located in Ajman, Rahi One Travels L.L.C. is famous for its customer-centric approach to business. The principle behind every company of Mr. Shafiqul is “Responsibility Is Prayer,” and Rahi One is no different. The sense of responsibility and attentiveness towards customers’ needs has made the company grow by leaps and bounds.

A Story Worth Telling

Mr. Shafiqul’s life is the classic story of how a small boy made his way to success despite all the odds. He started his career as a salesman at a monthly salary of BDT 500 in a dates shop in Khatungonj, Chittagong, in 1993.

At that time, BDT 500 was insufficient for even one person, but Mr. Shafiqul still worked with patience and grit. He also worked as the loading and unloading staff at the Chattogram seaport to earn a little extra income.

Mr. Shafiqul was a student of Fazilin from 1999 to 2000. During this period, he could get free food and stay as a muezzin at a mosque. He kept working and living with frugality then, and so saved some money and bought shares of land. Slowly but consistently, he kept growing financially by making some profit through land deals.

Start of a Long Journey

After facing a lot of struggle, Mr. Shafiqul finally won the test of time. In 2015, he emerged as a competent and hard-working entrepreneur. He started his travel agency Rahi One Travels in Ajman, UAE.

When starting his business, Mr. Shafiqul had an idol in mind – Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, the former and longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia. Believing in the life principle that “Man is equal or greater than his dreams,” the entrepreneur dreamed big and worked hard enough to make his dream a reality.

Bringing Social Changes

Mr. Shafiqul’s philanthropic endeavours have contributed to his good reputation. Using the hard-earned money, he has set up a Hefzokhana, an orphanage, and a Women’s Dhakhil Madarasha in Bangladesh. He is also associated with similar institutions dedicated to serving the underpriveleged. The philanthropist is the Chairman of the Anumia Ayesha Khatun Foundation and Shafiqul Islam Rahi Etimkhana and Hefzokhana in Bangladesh. He also serves as Chief Advisor at the Baitun Noor Jame Masjid in the Asian country.

Seeing his extraordinary work for society’s betterment, many organisations, such as Satkania Association, Khagoria Association and Chittagong General Hospital Patient Welfare Association – all in Bangladesh – have made him a lifetime member.

Going Strong With Each Passing Day

The idea of starting his business was seeded in young Mr. Shafiqul’s mind when he was just in secondary school. He fulfilled his dream in 2015 when he established Rahi One Travels, and never looked back.

To the leader, the venture was just the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. In 2021, Mr. Shafiqul started another travel company in Chattogram, Bangladesh – also named Rahi One. Within just one year, the company has garnered a huge base of satisfied customers. Thanks to his positive and hard working outlook towards business and life, both his companies are winning laurels.