Singapore To Maintain Defence Spending At 3% Of GDP

Singapore To Maintain Defence Spending At 3% Of GDP

Singapore’s Defence Minister, Ng Eng Hen, emphasises the increasing global risks, prompting the nation to uphold defence spending at 3% of GDP to fortify the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) against potential aggression. Despite potential conflicts, Singapore commits to maintaining military spending over the next decade, aiming to boost the SAF’s capabilities.

Ng Eng Hen highlighted ongoing global tensions, citing the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the Israel-Hamas conflict spreading. There has been an escalation of tensions between the US and China, particularly over Taiwan, showing a shift from considering conflicts improbable to accepting their existence.

Ng Eng Hen added Singapore’s self-reliance in defence, cautioning against reliance on external assistance in times of crisis. Despite a nominal increase in defence expenditure, Singapore’s defence spending as a percentage of GDP has declined due to rapid economic growth. However, sustained investments have ensured the nation’s defence capabilities remain robust.

He further emphasised the value of regular defence spending, citing the building of Invincible-class submarines and the purchase of F-35 fighters as examples. He emphasised the critical role of infrastructure and training in enhancing the effectiveness of national servicemen and regulars, both domestically and abroad.