SpaceX launches three Falcon nine rockets in 36 hours

SpaceX launches three Falcon nine rockets in 36 hours

SpaceX created a record in U.S. commercial space launch after launching a hat-trick of Falcon 9 rockets in just over 36 hours from California and Florida. The incredible spaceflight triple-header launches were carried out from Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg Space Force Station and placed communications, military, and Starlink satellites into orbit. According to a report from, the three launches in just 36 hours, makes it the quickest sequence of triple missions by any commercial launch company in history.

On Friday, June 17, SpaceX launched 53 of its Starlink internet satellites from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and kicked a radar satellite from Vandenberg Space station in California for the German military on Saturday (June 18).

The pace at which SpaceX has made launches in 2022, even before the triple launches, is remarkable. Sunday morning’s takeover was the company’s 26th this year, with over six months still to go.

The success of SpaceX has given a reason for excitement to space enthusiasts. It was in 2015 when the first Falcon 9 core made a successful landing, and now in just seven years, SpaceX has achieved three separate launches and retrieved boosters on land and at sea. That makes it commendable for a company that, not too long ago, was related mainly to unsuccessful rocket launches.