Sudha Reddy

Sudha Reddy

Born in Hyderabad, Telangana, Mrs. Reddy grew up with an interest in fashion. She nurtured this interest over the years and eventually went on to attain a degree in fashion designing. She is also a graduate in Microbiology. Mrs. Reddy became an active participant in the social and philanthropic spheres after her marriage to prominent industrialist Mr. Megha Krishna Reddy. Over time, she became a connoisseur of art and fashion and was the first Hyderabad-based non-film luminary to attend the prestigious MET Gala event.


As the Director of Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd., Ms. Reddy has taken several steps for the inclusive growth of her company. Being a big fan of Lady Diana, she tries to follow in her footsteps of philanthropy and community service and wants to set an example for women. She consistently encourages her team to work towards economic development and personal growth. She also motivates the women in her team to realize their potential and strive towards success and economic independence.

As the Head of the CSR division of MEIL, she has led many social development projects across India. She plays a salient role in the MEIL CSR initiatives, especially their campaigns for the empowerment of young girls. Through their CSR initiatives, MEIL actively participates in providing equitable academic opportunities and healthcare to these young girls and also contributes to charities organised around the welfare of women and children.

Some of its other social welfare drives are the delivery initiative to the New Life Society, an organization supporting children suffering from HIV since 2013, a clean drinking water initiative in a small village of Andhra Pradesh in 2019 and the construction of the oncology wing at Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad in 2021. During the coronavirus pandemic, Mrs. Reddy initiated the construction of thousands of oxygen beds and oxygen tanks to aid in the government’s efforts in fighting the disease.

Mrs. Reddy’s penchant for social work led her to start her foundation to look after the social welfare of the deprived section of society. Her endeavour contributes to society in many ways. She also collaborated with many famous global personalities for social welfare campaigns and initiatives. An influential and lively personality, Ms. Reddy has taken a keen interest in interior designing and has modeled her home in the classical European style.


Having led MEIL in the role of Director for several years, Mrs. Reddy has always kept collective welfare in mind. As a leader, she has set an example by being humble and democratic, allowing the inputs and suggestions of her employees, and encouraging their active participation in the organization. Mrs. Reddy’s inclusive brand of leadership has inspired hundreds towards excellence at MEIL, and continues to drive productivity and growth on a holistic level.

Ms. Reddy firmly believes that happy employees lead to happy customers. As a philanthropist, humanitarian, and social worker, Ms. Reddy understands the importance of empowering her employees and making them pro-active and capable of taking important decisions for the company. She believes that this will lead to the cumulative growth of the organization. As Mrs. Reddy once quoted, “a company that cares for employee welfare, boosts its image and grows as a brand.” She also believes in motivating employees to generate innovative and sustainable solutions for the company.

She is currently implementing digital mediums to improve transparency and encourage and reform core principles of ethical and sustainable corporate governance of corporate governance procedures. Additionally, she is focusing on being accountable to the shareholders, reviewing the policies made for the employees in the company, and incorporating good working ethics in the organization. Instituting a professional board to overlook shareholder relationships, review internal policies, and improve MEIL’s work culture.


Her social approach showcases her benevolent character and has played a significant role in enhancing her organization’s reputation worldwide. She feels proud that a major chunk of her company’s profit goes for social welfare via the Sudha Reddy Foundation and CSR division of MEIL, as she measures the success of a business by its social initiatives towards the betterment of society.

Under her exemplary leadership, Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. mainly concerns itself the indigenization and innovation of ground breaking technologies to build environment-friendly technological solutions. Currently, they are venturing out into the green energy space which promises to further India’s national mission of cutting on its carbon emissions. Apart from rendering a great amount of community service through MEIL’s CSR initiatives, she often collaborates with several known entities and companies for social welfare. She has collaborated with the famous English actress Elizabeth Hurley in a campaign for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Paris. She also came together with popular American actress Eva Longoria to raise founds for underprivileged children suffering from major chronic diseases in the Global Gift Gala Event that took place in 2019.

She has joined hands with several charitable organizations including Action Against Hunger, Fight Hunger Foundation, and The Mother Teresa Foundation. In 2017, the dedicated philanthropist also contributed a huge amount to the ‘Action Contre La Faim.’.


Ms. Reddy has received several prestigious awards for her notable contributions in the field of business, technology, and social development. She recently received the Young Indian Women Achievers under 45 Award at Young FICCI Ladies Foundation 2021. She was nominated for the Global Gift Empowerment of Women Award. Apart from these awards, she has several other achievements. Being a young, intelligent, and passionate billionaire, she has become the face of many magazines including several editions of ‘You and was the showstopper of 10th anniversary celebration of the show organised by the ‘You and I’ magazine. At the prestigious MET Gala in 2021, she amazed everyone with her Falguni Shane Peacock haute couture outfit inspired by the American Revolution. Conducted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Met Gala is known to be one of the most successful charity events dedicated to art and fashion.

The diligence, dedication, focus, experiences, achievements, and humanitarianism of Ms. Reddy make her an exemplary leader. She is a great example for young women across the globe, who hope to one day balance their professional aspirations with their passions and dreams.