Sukesha Mahesh Kadaba

Sukesha Mahesh Kadaba

As someone who has always been interested in the science of cooking, starting Nutrezy was a natural step for Ms. Kadaba. After the sudden demise of her father, she started thinking deeply about the lack of nutrition in our diets. This prompted her to spend many years on research, during which she gained holistic knowledge on nutrition. After in-depth research and thorough analysis, she established Nutrezy with the sole intention of making nutrition easy. The brand, which makes lip-smacking, healthy and nutritious snacks, made its foray into the market through the e-commerce space and now it is all set to capture the world of retail.


As someone who has always been conscious about eating right, Ms. Kadaba started experimenting in her kitchen. Determined to find solutions to unhealthy eating habits due to time constraints, she identified recipes that could easily become a part of modern living. Her daughter Ms. Komal Mahesh Kadaba, co-founder of Nutrezy, who has a Masters Degree in Healthcare, joined her in this journey.

Together, they persevered to turn Nutrezy into a popular brand among health-conscious people. Both mother and daughter, who are proponents of a healthy lifestyle, experimented with various ingredients to come up with recipes that appeal to a variety of palates. No wonder their rich knowledge in the field of nutrition and consistent and dedicated efforts have driven the organisation towards newer territories of success.


Through hard work and crystal clear guidance from Ms. Kadaba, Nutrezy has introduced snack bars in numerous flavours and varieties for its customers. These bars include various nuts and seeds that provide wholesome goodness. At present, the customers can relish these three nutrition bar variants – Almond Cranberry Crunch, Blueberry Granola Bar and the Cocoa Dates Delight.

The other significant feature of Nutrezy snacking bars is that they are devoid of any preservatives or added sugar, which is great for weight-watchers as well. The products are safe and fresh, owing to a reasonably long shelf-life of 9 months. With the brand expanding its portfolio to millet cereals, protein powders and protein savoury snacks, there is something for everyone.


Under the prudent guidance of someone as vigilant as Ms. Kadaba, Nutrezy has been able to go from strength to strength. By setting up a company that is focused on nutrition, this passionate entrepreneur hopes to achieve a larger goal; she wants society to come together and adopt a healthy eating habit.

Bringing taste and health together is a challenge that the mother-daughter duo has accomplished through Nutrezy. Through these products, people of all ages can relish and enjoy the best of taste and health combined. Gradually, yet continually, the brand has made it possible and convenient for the common man to derive nutrition from nutritious snacks. The firm has enjoyed a fruitful journey so far but there are still many milestones to accomplish. Through Ms. Kadaba’s efforts and continuous guidance, the brand is sure to scale greater heights.