Sunil Kumar Agarwal

Sunil Kumar Agarwal

Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. It not just develops brand awareness among consumers thus increasing sales but it also helps in promoting strong partner relationships with stakeholders, distributors and retailers.

One of the prime Indian brands that can boast of a marketing strategy par excellence is Kamdhenu Group. And if there is one man responsible for the strong marketing network and marketing force that has brought the Kamdhenu Group to its present standing in the Indian steel and infrastructure market, it is Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal. With a penchant for target marketing, the efficient pan-India presence of Kamdhenu is all thanks to Mr. Agarwal, who has employed his keen understanding of the market dynamics and charted the growth of the company within the Indian steel sector.

Mr.Agarwal is a whole-time director of Kamdhenu Limited and justifiably so, having a rich expertise in the production and commerce involving the steel industry of over 3 decades. He uses this extensive pool of knowledge to create strong marketing strategies amplifying the brand’s industry presence.

Mr. Agarwal did his graduation in Bachelors of Engineering (Chemistry) from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (now Harcourt Butler Technical University), Kanpur. Thereafter, he took over the Indian steel industry, through his entrepreneurship skill, and afterward became a board member of companies like Kamdhenu Limited and its group companies.


Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal with his strong analytical and experimentation skills became a torchbearer of the magnanimous success Kamdhenu is blessed with today. One of his prime contributions to the business was leading the strategic expansion of the Kamdhenu brand through franchisee alliance with and against the competing companies in the regional steel market.

Firming up the franchisee models, he has guided the company through impending challenges and has capitalized on the opportunities on the way. His high adaptability to the changing domestic scenario and a keen understanding of the market trends has helped the company stand stronger.

He visualized and executed the company’s enormous growth by identifying the units involved in the manufacturing of TMT Bars, leading Kamdhenu to become the largest TMT manufacturers of India.

He led the way towards upgradation of the plants within units to make each of them viable for the manufacturing of internationalquality steel products.

Dedicated to innovations and latest technology, Mr. Agarwal believes in better processes for increased production based on improved parameters.

Mr. Agarwal has shepherded the growth of the company within the Indian steel market and has employed his keen understanding of the market dynamics towards mobilizing the performing steel products manufacturing units across the country into joining hands with the Kamdhenu Group. This has resulted in the Kamdhenu Group setting itself, and gaining an immensely competitive foothold in the steel sector.


With a panache for marketing, Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal is the man who conceptualized and implemented the franchisee model towards the exponential growth of the Kamdhenu brand, which is a masterstroke in itself. He has thereafter overseen the Expansion Division of the company, thereby contributing significantly in identifying and targeting companies that manufacture TMT Bars, structural steel, binding wires and colorcoated sheets.

His vision and timely decisions along with relentless efforts led the company into gaining more than 75 franchise partners in this process and emerging as a major player in the Indian steel market.

Mr. Agarwal has guided the company by capitalizing on the opportunities on the way, through his skills of adapting to the changing domestic scenarios, and led the company through impending challenges with his understanding of the market trends, which have all cumulatively helped the company grow to new and far-reaching heights. His dedication towards the steel industry, as well as his pursuit towards innovation and new technologies, has resulted in up-gradation of the plants within the steel manufacturing units, which have made each of these units viable for manufacturing steel in the best way possible and maintain international steel standards and quality.


Being one of the oldest members of the Kamdhenu Group, his quest for innovating research and development in the steel industry has made Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal one of the most respectable names in the entire company, as well as the steel industry.

It is the result of Mr. Agarwal’s continuous hard work, dedication and his ever search for new ideas to make Kamdhenu a major brand in the steel technology that today Kamdhenu is known not only for high-quality TMT bars and other products, but it has also engaged in producing innovative products under his guidance and encouragement.

He has the mark of a leader who doesn’t follow the beaten track, but carves out a new path for himself and makes people believe in forging new avenues under the confidence of his leadership. His splendid contribution to the steel industry and beyond is now a case study that many aspiring entrepreneurs and future trailblazers are following. Under his watch, the brand is growing to new heights every passing day gaining national and international prominence.