Ms. Sushma Boppana, a dynamic leader and the CEO of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions, stands at the forefront of a transformative movement in Indian education. Her commitment to delivering high-quality education has led to the establishment of a vast, nationwide network of schools that empower students from diverse backgrounds.


Ms. Sushma Boppana’s educational journey began with her graduation in Computer Science at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani. She did her master’s degree in IT in the United States. To her, the experience of studying at BITS, Pilani – an institution away from her home and her comfort zone – gave her immense exposure, expectations, and a culture never experienced before, truly broadening her horizons. Her post- graduate years revealed her affinity for leadership roles, leading her to transition from an IT career to product management. This shift provided valuable insights into deadline oriented tasks, customer and team collaboration, working with cross-cultural teams, and conducting research. Ms. Boppana emphasises that this journey has made her more pragmatic in understanding individual skill sets. Currently, she is a passionate advocate for increased female representation in senior educational positions.


Ms. Boppana’s parents, BS Rao and Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, laid the foundation for Sri Chaitanya Girls Junior College 38 years ago, aiming to offer professional education to girls from rural Andhra Pradesh. Today, Sri Chaitanya has evolved into a symbol of educational excellence, boasting over 900 schools spread across 26 states. In her role as CEO and Academic Director, Ms. Boppana continues to uphold her parents’ belief that education is deeply personal and life-defining. Her father’s wisdom always emphasised that education, alongside health, is a deeply personal matter that should be managed by passionate individuals who prioritise its importance. She and her family are steadfast in their mission to support eager learners, ensuring they surmount obstacles such as financial constraints or geographical limitations.


Recognising the challenges faced by students from diverse backgrounds, Ms. Boppana championed the expansion of Sri Chaitanya’s offerings to include kindergarten through 10th grade. This initiative provides students with a standardised foundation, reducing stress and enhancing their ability to excel in competitive exams. She firmly believes that schools should take responsibility for expanding both students’ and parents’ exposure to competitions, Olympiads, and other opportunities to enhance their skill sets. A significant breakthrough came when Ms. Boppana identified the need for an integrated curriculum spanning national, state, and board levels. Her vision aimed to prepare students for nationwide entrance examinations, such as AIIMS, NEET and JIPMER for medical students, and IIT and NIT for engineering aspirants. This groundbreaking approach unlocked opportunities for students from rural areas and small towns to pursue successful careers in medicine or engineering. Sri Chaitanya’s educators emphasised the importance of mastering concepts and fundamentals rather than relying on rote learning.


Ms. Boppana’s journey in education reflects her unwavering dedication and forward thinking approach. Under her leadership, Sri Chaitanya aims at being observant, focused, adept at multitasking, and taking responsibilities seriously. Her vision for Sri Chaitanya and the creation of Infinity Learn epitomise her commitment to providing high-quality education to students across India. With her efforts, she continues to shape the future of education, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless young individuals.