SVV Sudheer Kumar

SVV Sudheer Kumar


A leader of matchless acumen and great vision, Sudheer is one of the most renowned leaders in the Indian granite industry. As the Managing Director of Jyothi Granite Exports, he is making giant leaps in the sector with great agility, winning attitude, and futuristic vision, which relies on the core of customer satisfaction and constant innovation. With his expertise and dedication, he has managed to transform the organization into a globally revered property, following the footsteps of the legendary founder Sidda Raghava Rao.

Sudheer is a very dedicated individual who looks forward to challenges and aims to win over them with great zeal. He has been holding the reins of the legendary brand since 1995 and in the past twenty-five years, has added humongous power to its reputation, popularity, and success.


A business that doesn’t innovate constantly becomes stagnant and constant innovation and transformation with  time and technology make a modern business a successful entity. It adds to not only the reputation of a business but also to the trust and confidence of employees and clients.

Sudheer understands and believes in the aforementioned philosophy and constantly keeps him engaged into finding newer and better ways to engage in business, which not only benefits economically but also credits the growth to the overall environment.

Under his leadership, Jyothi Granite Exports is one of the leading companies in India with a strong international base. He is taking care of its world-class quarries and production facilities personally, making sure that everything is in sync with the latest technologies.

The brand has a great legacy of introducing innovative patterns and colors in its products and introducing ultra-modern technology at its production facilities and Sudheer is constantly working to take this heritage ahead. He is constantly planning new innovations  and exploring technologies that can benefit them.


To lead a team, one needs to become a selfless, dedicated, and focused individual, and adhere to core values of honesty, passion, and respect. Sudheer is one such leader who always does the honest thing no matter how tough it gets. He is highly respectful of all his employees, colleagues, and subordinates. He listens to everyone’s opinions carefully and motivates the employees to always put their best foot forward.

Under his exemplary leadership, the brand has been taking great leaps in the CSR sphere too. Sudheer feels that a socially responsible company helps in making this world a better place. Social responsibility empowers employees to leverage the corporate resources at their disposal to do good. He is of the view that formal corporate social responsibility programs boost employee morale and lead to greater productivity in the workforce.

The biggest achievement for them has been providing about 100 drinking water purifying units for nearly 100 villages.