Syed Riaz Qadri

Syed Riaz Qadri


Vermeiren India Rehab, a sales office in India, was started in 2011 under Mr. Qadri’s guidance. Later, the firm started its production facility in July 2016 at Sricity SEZ, Andhra Pradesh. The facility has 17 acres of land with a 25,000 sq. ft. built-up area, employing around 500 highly skilled workers. Vermeiren India Rehab’s factory currently has a production capacity of 2 lakh chairs per annum with accessories. It is equipped with world-class machines and technologies for CNC metal bending, robot welding, metal cutting, powder coating, stitching, PU tire manufacturing, plastic injection moulding, and assembly lines to manufacture manual wheelchairs, commode wheelchairs and geriatric chairs.


Mr. Qadri considers all his employees his priority and always encourages the team to work harmoniously. He ensures that conflicts are quickly solved and promotes a happy and positive working environment. Mr. Qadri’s vision is to have a strong emotional bond between the team, consequently creating good communication and a sense of belonging. Positive and regular communication helps to keep the team morale high and increases their ability to achieve the goals. He avoids rigid rules and policies so that the company can bring greater flexibility to their employees to handle changing situations. His long term goal for Vermeiren India Rehab is to establish the biggest production company for the Vermeiren Group and produce patient beds and hoists along with wheelchairs to cater to the Indian and global markets. The short-term goal is to increase the range of products in the coming months.


Mr. Qadri encourages his team to work towards the welfare of society. The team members get actively involved in various social responsibility activities of the company. Every year, Vermeiren India Rehab offers apprenticeship and training to ITI diploma holders, and support for upgrading their tool rooms and infrastructure development for polytechnic colleges, which helps the students learn the subjects better with changing technologies. In addition, Mr. Qadri encourages the distribution of books and stationery items to students in surrounding villages to motivate them to do better in their studies.


Mr. Qadri ensures that all the employees of Vermeiren India Rehab Private Limited have free access to him. He is open to taking ideas from them for the continuous improvement of the workplace for a positive output. The company periodically arranges development programmes to improve employees’ skills and personality. Mr. Qadri is a believer of healthy work culture. He promotes good work relationships and non-competitiveness among employees, which, in turn, help in team building and increasing the overall productivity of the company and individuals. Furthermore, he supports the employees by offering them numerous benefits, such as food, personal accidental insurance, transport, term insurance and Mediclaim.


Vermeiren India Rehab today has a global presence. Its exports have increased by 90% as compared to the previous year. Today, the company provides goods to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. In India, the company supplied wheelchairs for election booths in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Government tender orders (Karnataka), International Red Cross, multi-speciality hospitals, NGOs such as the Association of People with Disability, Mobility India, The Ability People, Jaipur Foot, and Rotary clubs. Mr. Qadri loves what he does and has complete faith and confidence in making the work successful. He firmly believes in his team, and expects them to continuously support and help him to succeed at work in any circumstance.