Taiwan Plans to Hire around 1 Lakh Indian Workers

Taiwan Plans to Hire around 1 Lakh Indian Workers

Taiwan is planning to address its labour shortage in factories, farms, and hospitals by hiring up to 1 lakh Indian workers. The two countries are expected to finalise an employment mobility agreement as early as December. Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, announced on November 9 that the pact between India and Taiwan is in the final stages of negotiation.

This initiative comes in response to Taiwan’s shrinking workforce, attributed to a low birth rate and an aging population. The influx of Indian workers is anticipated to boost Taiwan’s economy and support key industries.

By 2025, Taiwan is projected to become a ‘super-aged’ society, with the elderly constituting over a fifth of the population. Despite achieving the lowest unemployment rate since 2000, the decision to hire Indian workers aims to maintain the target of a $790 billion economy.

This move aligns with India’s strategy of signing employment pacts with developed countries grappling with aging workforces. The employment mobility agreement is expected to permit Indian workers to stay in Taiwan for up to three years, with the option to bring their families. Additionally, these workers will be entitled to the same benefits as Taiwanese workers, including minimum wage, social security, and paid leave.