Tejpreet Singh Gill

Tejpreet Singh Gill

Tejpreet Singh Gill took up the company’s responsibility as a second-generation entrepreneur. He focused on using his business skills and learnings to expand the business of the firm. With his futuristic approach, he brought digitalization into various activities, which helped in conducting all operations smoothly.

Committed to taking the company’s legacy ahead, Mr. Gill believes in providing excellence with the best quality building development, real estate, and construction services to all clients. His focus is to build a profit-oriented business and a blueprint for the firm’s growth.

The young leader values his reputation and image in the market. He believes that a good character contributes to earning great business and a regular clientele. Therefore, he works to impress the customers with his demeanour, disposition, and style of work. Working with an optimistic approach and the resolve to excel has won him many awards. He received the ‘MY FM Excellence Award’ in 2022 and ‘The Young Entrepreneur Real Estate Award’. He was also felicitated with the prestigious ‘Hindustan Times Real Estate Developer of the Year Award’ in 2022. He envisions his organisation to be the leader in the real estate sector in the country and has concrete future plans for visionary projects.


As a competent leader, Mr. Tejpreet Singh Gill makes constant efforts to generate more growth opportunities for his employees. Different extracurricular activities and games are organised to create a stress-free working environment for the team. He ensures a platform for all the employees wherein they can have open discussions and debates related to work and ethics.

He wholeheartedly welcomes the innovative ideas of his workforce and even implements them for the company’s and its employees’ success, and advocates for a smooth and pleasing working environment in the office. He trains his co-workers to devise the most efficient solutions to tricky situations.


Mr. Tejpreet Singh Gill takes his father to be his biggest motivation and inspiration. He religiously follows the principles and guidelines of his father. His father worked hard to build the company, and now, Mr. Gill works with the sole aim of taking the company to higher levels and turning it into a well-recognised brand.

Following in his father’s footsteps, he motivates everyone at work and appreciates their work openly. He has learned to value the contribution of each member of the company, which makes him an exemplary leader. He believes that the success and growth he has earned are just because his father motivated him to walk on the path of righteousness.


Mr. Gill understands his responsibility towards the environment well. Therefore, sustainability has always been their priority. He offers construction services using advanced technology and raw materials as per international quality standards. He ensures that all the equipment and services undergo regular checks to meet quality standards. Mr. Gill has plans to step into a new segment wherein his team will build structures with minimal or no adverse effect on the ecological balance and quality of life.