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3rd Edition Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2018

The 120 Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2018 is a research-based listing using both primary and secondary data researched across sixteen industries and sixty two sub-categories evaluating Brands from 8 countries of Asia & the Middle East – India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Dubai-UAE.

Asia’s Greatest Brands is a mission where brands are scanned, researched, understood and, after much deliberation by a competent team of experts, put on deserving pedestals for the admiration and veneration of the world. We delve into the history of the brands, let their beams of achievement play with us, feel the fire within these brands, and move along with their driving force. Finally, after the revelling in the process, we feature our humble yet expert insights into the making and rising of these brands that are truly the Asia’s Greatest! For anyone who is interested in the success story of these Asia’s greatest brands, or the fire within that made them succeed, or the driving force that put them on the path to great success, or finally the certitudes that make them great and the beacon of tomorrow that provides a hint and an insight into their future, we render in a transparent manner all the desirable information about these brands and more.

Rating of Brands

The Brands nominated for 3rd Edition of Asia’s Greatest Brands 2018 will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) on the following parameters:

  • Brand Trust
  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Growth
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Impact


The list of the 16 industries and their sub-categories covered under the purview of the study is as follows:

  • Automotive – Heavy vehicles, Passenger cars, Motorcycles, Tyres, Ancillary
  • Education – K12 schools, Universities, Management schools, Engineering colleges, Skill development, Vocational training, Medical colleges
  • Energy & Power – Oil &gas, Power supplies
  • Finance – Banks, NBFCs, Financial services, Insurance
  • Food & Beverages – Agriculture, Food processing, Bakery &dairy products, Beverages, Restaurants, Food products, Confectionery
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics
  • Household Products – Consumer electronics, Electrical appliances, Home appliances, Furniture, Security solutions
  • Infrastructure – Cement, Ceramics, Iron &steel, Plywood, Sanitary ware
  • IT & Telecom – IT solutions &consulting, Telecom
  • Lifestyle – Apparel & textile, Jewellery, Stationery
  • Manufacturing – Packaging, Hardware, Bathroom fittings,Trading
  • Media & Entertainment – Electronic & digital media, Outdoor, Media, Events &entertainment, Print
  • Personal Care – Hair care, Oral care, Personal hygiene, Wellness, Cosmetics, Appliances
  • Real Estate – Commercial &residential properties
  • Retail – Retail, Super/hyper markets, Food chains
  • Services – Hospitality &hotels, Travel &tourism, Aviation, Logistics