Tesla Unveils Its New Humanoid Robot, Optimus-Gen 2

Tesla Unveils Its New Humanoid Robot, Optimus-Gen 2

Tesla has brought to light its second-generation Optimus humanoid robot, Optimus-Gen 2. The reveal comes after a prototype was showcased earlier this year at the Tesla AI Day event, where the company highlighted significant improvements in the robot’s capabilities.

In a video shared on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s social media, Optimus-Gen 2 was demonstrated flexing its individual fingers and hands, navigating factory halls, performing squats, and delicately picking up objects, including eggs. The robot can walk 30 percent faster than its predecessor and is 22 pounds lighter as well. Notably, this marked the first time the robot operated without a tether, showcasing its enhanced autonomy.

Tesla had previously emphasized that Optimus-Gen 2 is powered by a custom Tesla computer chip, enabling it to handle complex tasks.

Similar to a smartphone, the robot stays connected via WiFi and LTE, facilitating remote updates and control. The use of end-to-end neural network technology, the same as Tesla’s electric cars, empowers the humanoid robot to execute tasks with finesse.

Furthermore, the robot boasts audio capabilities for clear communication and built-in cybersecurity features to ensure secure operations. The inclusion of a 2.3-kilowatt-hour battery, significantly more efficient than traditional robots, promises extended operation without frequent recharging.