The EU Disburses 150 Million Euros To Tunisia To Support Financial Stability

The EU Disburses 150 Million Euros To Tunisia To Support Financial Stability

According to the European Commission, the European Union (EU) has allotted Tunisia €150 million. This financial support involves a direct transfer of funds to the Tunisian Treasury to enhance the country’s economic stability.

The disbursement is part of the Programme to Support Tunisia’s Macroeconomic Reforms (PARME), agreed upon by the EU and Tunisia in December 2023. Support from the EU depends on Tunisia’s progress in implementing structural reforms, which aim to improve public financial management and the business environment and stabilise the macroeconomic landscape.

This funding strengthens Tunisia’s capacity for stable and inclusive growth and reaffirms the EU’s commitment to supporting the country’s economic reforms in its current socio-economic context. Additionally, it also contributes to the broader implementation of the “MoU on a Strategic and Comprehensive Partnership” signed in Tunis on July 16, 2023, particularly focusing on macroeconomic stability.

The EU and Tunisia are mutually committed to realising the diverse areas of cooperation outlined in the MoU, spanning macroeconomic stability, trade, green energy transition, people-to-people connections, migration, and mobility.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen emphasised the EU’s ongoing commitment to Tunisia, describing the €150 million disbursement as a significant step towards supporting economic reforms and financial stability within the framework of their partnership.