The UK Reports New Mutation of Delta Variant
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The UK Reports New Mutation of Delta Variant

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom Official data reported a new mutation of the Delta variant of the COVID-19 is found in the country. The new variant dubbed as “Delta Plus” is found in some quarters that contain a mutation that can cause a greater survival chance.

The experts do not believe that the new variant to be responsible for the continuing high number of daily coronavirus infections within the nation. On Monday, the country had hit its highest record since July with 49,156 new cases of coronavirus cases.

In the latest technical briefing document by the UK, Heath Security Agency said, “New sublineages of the Delta are regularly identified and designated. One recently designated sublineage is AY.4.2”. It further added that the Delta sublineage newly designated as AY.4.2 is noted to be expanding in England which assessment has commenced. Some small numbers of new cases are also seen like Delta E484K and Delta E484Q”.

Experts suggest that the new variant is not yet considered a variant of concern. The first cases of new variants came to light in July 2021, which is slowly increasing. These new variants are likely to be up to 10 percent more transmissible as compared to Alpha and Delta which were 50 to 60 percent transmissible.