The US Air Force Is All Set To Have More Than 1,000 AI-Flown Jets Soon

The US Air Force Is All Set To Have More Than 1,000 AI-Flown Jets Soon

The US Air Force is all set to integrate over 1,000 AI-piloted jets, marking a significant shift in military aviation. Secretary Frank Kendall recently demonstrated the future of air combat by flying an AI-controlled F-16 across the deserts of California. Comparatively to the introduction of stealth aircraft in the 1990s, this development represents a turning point.

Kendall’s flight, Vista, proved AI’s ability to work with human-piloted jets by reaching speeds over 550 mph. By 2028, the Air Force hopes to be flying these AI-driven aircraft. Human supervision is still crucial, particularly when deciding when to deploy weapons.

It is clear from the $6 billion Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) project that the Pentagon is interested in AI-guided aircraft. Due to the appeal of AI’s ability to reduce costs, big businesses like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman are competing for contracts.

Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks highlighted the advantages of AI-enabled autonomous vehicles for the military, which provide flexible and affordable solutions. According to him, this is an important step towards bringing military innovation back to life.

The US Air Force’s use of AI signals the beginning of a new age in aerial combat by fusing technological advancement with human experience to tackle changing security threats.