Tulsi Tanti

Tulsi Tanti

“From the beginning, his journey has been driven by the unyielding determination to enable sustainable development for provision of clean energy for nations, consumers & industries”

Believing that sustainable development is the pathway to the future, as it offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance, Tulsi Tanti, the Chairman & MD of Suzlon Energy Limited is making a huge contribution to the world by promoting sustainable development with the use of best technology

showing way to the world

Founded by Tulsi Tanti in 1995 Suzlon Energy            Limited            is         a              wind        turbine supplier having its head-office in Pune, Maharashtra. It is a vertically integrated wind power company and makes wind turbines, blades, generators, panels and towers in-house. The company’s spread is all around the globe including Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America.

The story of the formation of Suzlon goes back to the days when Tanti was busy managing his family textile business in Surat, Gujarat. His business was doing well but the rising cost of electricity was becoming a headache for him. Despite taking every possible measure he was not able to control the price of power. After doing deep research he ordered two wind turbines from Danish manufacturer Vestas and started generating his own electricity. As a result of this other business organisations started showing interest in his solution and this changed everything.

Making a Clean world

Tanti recognised the power of wind energy and Suzlon was born. And with it Tanti’s vision of making the world a clean and green place also originated.

Tanti has more than 25 years of experience in various technical and commercial fields and is also the president of Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association.

From the  beginning  his  journey has been driven by the unyielding determination to enable sustainable development. His endeavours led to the provision of clean energy for nations, consumers and industries thus creating a better environment.

Soon after the inception of Suzlon,   it established a technical collaboration with leading German wind industry player, Sudwind Energy Gmbh and commissioned its first 0.27 MW WTG for Indian Petrochemicals Limited at Dhank, Gujarat. Since then Suzlon has diversified its operations in various other states in India. Over the last two decades it has converted challenges into opportunities and has written a story of change and sustainability. Tanti being a world renowned expert on alternative energy believes in creating sustainable businesses and economies through energy independence and security. He is well aware of the fact that sustainable development requires human ingenuity and people are the most important resources.

Creating   renewable    energy

It is a fundamental thing that’s going to change the entire world by making it clean and green. Tanti leads from the front and manages the strategic growth initiatives for the businesses of Suzlon group. Suzlon diversified its operations outside India with the formation of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, USA; a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzlon Energy Limited, India.

Soon after that in 2003 it entered China by opening its representative office in Beijing. Presently Suzlon has installed over 17000 MW of wind power capacity in 18 countries. It crossed 11000 MW of cumulative installations in India and has cumulatively added over 11000 MW of wind power capacity for over 1700 customers in India across 40 sites in eight states.

In 2017, Suzlon Energy achieved 10000 MW installed wind energy milestone in India and is capable of powering 5 million households per annum.