US Firm Plans to Offer Weddings in Space at ₹1 Crore Per Person
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US Firm Plans to Offer Weddings in Space at ₹1 Crore Per Person

Space Perspective, a US space travel company, plans to offer the first-ever space weddings. Its revolutionary Neptune spacecraft offers couples a rare chance to embark on a truly unique journey to the edge of space, providing them with an unforgettable experience complete with unparalleled views of our planet, for ₹1 crore per person.

The space expedition has already found takers, who are eager to exchange their sacred vows under the stars. The spacecraft is designed to lift off the ground at a gentle pace of 12 mph making the experience accessible to anyone who is medically fit to fly with a commercial airline. Hence, the couples need not be worried about being blasted off into space like an astronaut.

The spacecraft is propelled by renewable hydrogen, with no rockets or associated carbon footprint, ensuring an eco-friendly journey to the heavens. It is also fitted with massive porthole windows which are sure to be a special backdrop for wedding photos. These windows are the biggest windows flown into space and feature a hyper-resistant material and a special anti-UV coating, the company says.

The out of this world journey is anticipated to be the six-hour trip, which will be able to carry passengers 1,000 feet above the Earth and then bring them back down. The company says it has already sold 1,000 seats and intends to debut in 2024.